Thursday, August 16, 2018

Wear those blazers whenever you want

Blazers have been an all-time favourite of all those men who love the formal look. But now, it has become so versatile. You can now wear those classic blazers to casual as well as formal occasions.For most of us, we don’t really know how to appropriately match our clothing to get a sophisticated look. Here are a few tips which can help you wear your blazer without looking like a mess.

Buying tips

If you don’t already have a good collection of blazers, then you need to go out buy some soon. And don’t think that blazers are just meant for men who are in shape. You will see that most of the stores keep plus size men’s jackets and blazers. When you go out to buy a blazer, you need to check how well that particular size fits you, its style and the options of colours.

1.      Types- there are many kinds of blazers out there in the market nowadays. But the standard two-button and the double breasted ones are the most classic forms. But you need to consider whether you are getting the blazer for mostly casual occasions or formal ones. Blazers with unstructured shoulders or no padding in the shoulders and patch pockets are better as a casual wear and should not be an option for your important business meetings.

2.      Fit- if you don’t get a perfect fitting blazer, your whole effort will be in vain. Your blazer has to fit you well to bring out the best in you. The blazer is too tight for you if it forms the shape of an ’X’ when you button it or the sleeves and the shoulders have pulls and are too tight for you. A very loose blazer will have a wrinkly and dishevelled appearance where the shoulder might extend further from your natural shoulder. The cuffs of the blazer might also cross your knuckles.

3.      Colour- the colour of your blazer should match the items in your wardrobe. While grey and navy are very versatile and safe, you can get a little trendy with maroon and a vibrant blue blazer. Tan and brown colours are great for casual occasions.

Styling tips

Women are known to be the styling experts and they also have a lot of options like plus size women’s winter jackets and blazers to choose from. But after getting the perfect blazers for yourself, you need to learn to style them properly to look sleek and handsome.

·        Tie and dress shirt- this is the best option for formal occasions. Just don’t wear a casual blazer.
·        Sweater and cardigan- a cardigan under you blazer will instantly give you a very sophisticated look.
·        Oxford- these versatile button ups look great with your blazer in any occasion.

·        Polos- if you want a sporty look for a casual meet, just wear a polo shirt under your blazer.
·        V-Neck Tee- wear av-neck t-shirt rather than a crew-neck one and you have a chic look ready.
·        Jeans- jeans with your blazer is one of the best casual yet stylish looks that you can opt for.

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