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Experience Goa with Water Activities

Goa is one of the most popular destinations in India. People all across the world are simply stunned by the beaches, markets, nightlife, and mesmerizing beauty of the place. Its Portuguese heritage makes it more reluctant and splendid to the tourists. Goa is much more than beaches and parties. The best time to visit Goa is from October to May. The place is a unique blend of Portuguese and Indian culture.

The endowed and scintillating sea water and its delectable food is an abode for travel lovers. A popular romantic destination for couples, Goa is the ultimate vacation spot in India. The place soothes your mind, and it is the best option to luxuriate and step far away from hectic life.
The tourists can enjoy the beautiful sunsets, peaceful beaches, and water activities. Each celebration here becomes more lively and vibrant. The place has consistently been rated as the top tourist destination. The uniqueness of Goa is highly impressive, lush greenery and wildlife. Along with the natural scenery, the state is distinctly quaint with 17th-century architecture and explicitly flaunts the Portuguese style.

People coming across the world to Goa can enjoy an array of water sports, be it rafting, kayaking, Jetskiing, parasailing, paragliding or banana rides. And if you do not try out these sports, your trip would be incomplete. You would indeed be compelled to every other water sport. You will get the best adrenaline rush by Paragliding in Goa. Goa is completely surrounded by the scenic beauty and its natural scenery. Paragliding may be best enjoyed in the Northern Goa. It is a thrilling sport; you will manoeuvre your speed and direction. In this case, you are not allowed to jump from high altitudes. The glider is launched by jogging on a downward slope to accelerate speed. The experience will be extraordinary, and you can witness the magnificent light sky. The activity ranges from 15 minutes to an hour. This adventure letyou experience a panoramic view of the lush green hills and lovely beaches.

Banana boat rides are also the major attractions on the beach. Banana rides in Goa are the funniest and so not require any skills. This ride is fun and exciting for both children and grownups. The boat is linked to a speedboat, 6 people can be seated in the boat which is shaped like a banana. The passengers seated on the ride are taken to some distance and then throws-off the passengers into the sea. After being thrown into the surf, the riders pull themselves back into the banana boat. The riders who take banana rides wear a life jacket for safety for the ones who do not know swimming. It is a repetitive process of getting flung into the water and pulling you back to the boat. This activity tests your endurance and helps the riders to maintain their balance as the boat moves over the bumpy waves. Candolim beach and Baga beach are famous for these types of rides. Cotton tees and shorts are mostly preferred for these rides.

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