Sunday, September 2, 2018

Manufacturers of Night Safari Tents in India: The Upcoming Sector

Along with many perks and privileges of the city life comes a fair share of complexities. Today every city dweller is in constant search of a break from all the hustle and bustle of the everyday city life. A night safari amidst secluded wilderness is like the perfect getaway and although the concept is still new, it is gaining popularity with every passing year, as it allows one to reconnect with nature and can act as the perfect stress buster. Several resorts, all over India are seizing the opportunity and promoting night safari as an integral part of tourism in India.

Tents Are the Best Option

The authorities don’t permit the hotels and resorts to establish permanent buildings in the jungle that can be used during a night safari, this is where the idea of night safari tents come in. There are several manufacturer of night safari tents in India, devising and supplying the resorts with quality night safari tents like The Vedanta International, The Villa Tent, Canvashome etc. These tents are not by any means basic, they provide the ultimate comfort and luxury to the guests. In order to keep up with flourishing eco-tourism in the country, the manufacturers produce premium quality tents customizable as per requirement and have made a huge impact in both local and global markets. These tents enable the hotels and resorts to provide the guests with comfort, far from the cities, even in the most remote locations. The manufacturers produce a various range of jungle night safari tents like the economy, deluxe and luxury, with the economy night safari tents being the most popular of the lot. Some of the essential features of the jungle night safari tents, that reflect the environment they are used in-
  • Tents have mainly four edges and are multi-layered. The layers include PVC, canvas and cotton, making the tents waterproof and thermally isolated from the outside.
  • The floor of the tent is usually made of pine wood panels that separates the inside from the ground and plays a huge part in the inner aesthetics.
  • The tents are very spacious including washroom, bedroom and even a small veranda up front, making the night stay comfortable.
  • A large space all around the night safari tent is covered and protected with mosquito nets, so the guests can enjoy their leisure time outside the tent without having to worry about any disturbances.
  • The base structure of the tent is made of iron, making the tent heavy and well-grounded protecting it from the storms.

The resort tents manufacturer and all types of tent manufacturers are dedicated to make the jungle safari experience as special as possible for the users by continuously developing and refining their craft. India has a large and diverse landscape with places, including the jungles that are equally remote and breathtaking, from the alpine wilderness of the Himalayas to rustling rainforests of the Western Ghats. There is no doubt that the tourism in India will keep thriving and with the increase of eco-tourism, the role of the tent manufacturers in India is certain to become more and more relevant.

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