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Three Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Home's Colors

Color affects people in so many ways, and none more so than what surrounds you every day. There are so many options that it is so easy to be overwhelmed. With the almost limitless options out there, it is better to ask the right questions first before choosing the actual color and texture of your paint. Below are three important questions you need to sort out to better help you decide on what color to choose.

What is the right one?

Ask yourself, why? Do you want to add value to the property, or are you just tired of the color? Studies have proven some colors sell more than others. Consider the size of the area, and what it will be used for. Larger rooms would require walls with different colors as "accents" while smaller spaces would need lighter shades. In addition, the amount of light that the room takes in will affect the way colors are portrayed; generally brighter hues are encouraged to be used in rooms that receive more light to avoid making the room appear bland or dull. What the room is built for will also dictate the painting palette - what is it made for? The function of a room will guide you in choosing the right paint to set the mood and tone of an area.

What texture or finish to use?

In this regard, the functionality and the purpose of the room or area to be painted takes center stage. For example, if it is a kitchen, It is very practical to use the most durable types of gloss or semi-gloss paints. This facilitates easier maintenance saving you a lot of money in the long run. Gloss or semi-gloss type of finish also applies to areas that have heavy traffic, such as garages or workshops. Satin or matte finishes are normally applied to living rooms and dining areas. A variety of textured paints available today will work wonders in otherwise drab walls and areas. These can be used to hide imperfections in a wall or add depth to an otherwise common and unassuming space.

Do you contract it out or Do it Yourself?

Who will do the job? While doing it yourself is very rewarding and fun, it is also serious work and one that will affect the quality and value of your home. Preparation time, the primers, the sealants that are needed for a particular type of finish are also things to pay attention to. As a general rule, only do it yourself if you are equipped with the know-how and have the time for it. If your purpose in the project is to improve the market value of your home, a painting job is best done by professionals. The geographic location of your home, for example, plays a huge part in the selection of colors and in answering this question. Take Australia for example where some might say you experience all four seasons in one day, then you might need professional expertise. Luckily, there are free painting quotes Melbourne, Australia has to offer and all you need to do is choose.

Looking at these three points and identifying them early on in your project will give you the best interior paint results that will be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and add market value to your home.

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