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Can You Hire a Private Investigator for a Social Media Investigation?

The short answer is yes, you can hire a private detective to look into social media for you. Today, investigating a case is very different than it was a few decades ago. Back then, private detectives had to follow their clients and catch them in compromising positions. Today, you can know a lot about a person simply by looking into their social media footprint. Most people post information on social media without stopping to think about whether or not it can be used against them. This is the leverage that private investigators use.

There are many instances when you can use a private investigator to gather information on social media. One of the most common is tracking down a missing person. A private detective will put up the photo and name of the person you are looking for and ask anyone who has seen them to get in touch. So long as the person is out there clues will begin to pour in, and the private detective can put them together to find out where the missing person is. Here are other cases where private investigators use social media:

To catch cheating spouses

Your spouse may be careful to hide all clues from you about their cheating but a smart private detective can easily find them. They can, for example, track down photos where your spouse is tagged or look for any accounts where he is named as a significant other. They can also look at the location history based on social media images to determine where your spouse has been.

To can catch thieves

Some cases have been cracked because after the thieves stole they went to a social media site and flaunted their loot. One good example is employees who steal from employers. They may start to live a high-cost lifestyle and you may never find out until you look into their social media accounts.

To screen employees

A prospective employee may come in for an interview and give you a history about themselves that you may feel isn’t very honest. You can find out whether they are truthful or not by looking at their past social media activity – where they were living, working, who they associated with and so on.

Can someone know if you are tracking them on social media?

No, a good private investigator will remain completely discreet and whoever they are targeting will never know that they were followed. Because the detective signed a contract with you any information that they gather will be handed over to you and you can decide what you want to do with it.
How much will it cost to track someone on social media?

Social media investigations come preferred by many because they do not cost that much. For a reasonable fee you can have an investigation done that will provide you with all the information that you need. These investigations tend to be cheaper because they don’t require any travel or out-of-office time.

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