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Dealing with entrance exams

Almost every student has got the potential to perform well in examinations but this potential has to get changed into strategic thinking for performing better. Today, entrance exams mostly carry different emotions from the students. Some feel that these exams are a boon since they make way for a successful career while some think it is just a burden a laid on students. Well, actually it is both. It is an extra effort that is expected from the student’s side as they are already tied up with the basic course syllabus. But ultimately, most of the institutes in India as well as in abroad admit students based on these exams only and give less importance to high school exams.

Importance of entrance exam

Nowadays, entrance exams are perhaps the most important criteria for admission in college. Immediately, after passing the 10th board exams students have to be ready to face all kinds of entrance exams, for graduation, post-graduation, or doctorate programs. Even they have to start preparing for GRE, for which they have to take GRE test prep classes.

In today’s competitive world, Students prepare for entrances for more than a year to achieve a good rank in entrance exams like IIT, AIEEE, GMAT, CAT, GRE etc. The students prepare themselves to be very efficient and excel the problem solving skills as they get approximately only a minute or less to answer each question. Students can achieve this only if they are serious with the subject matter.

Entrance exam: a boon

Entrance exams are a boon for students who are excellent in core subjects but not that good in the others. Like, if a class XII student is excellent in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and desires to be an Engineer but has not got a good grade in his board examination because he scored less in subjects like English, Biology or Geography, might perform well in the Entrance Exam and get admission in the course he wishes to be. Entrance Exams checks the students’ subject knowledge but not theoretical knowledge,thus, the multiple choice questions are framed very wisely and the students are expected to answer them in the allotted time frame. A studentwho is quite good in concepts will never find the entrance exams to be a burden. Also, students have to take proper IIT, AIEEE, GMAT, GRE prep classes to get well trained.

Wipe off the fear

Students always have the fear of since an entrance Exams because they are tied up in a busy college schedule and find less time preparing for the same. For those students Time Management and strong determination is the only key. Students have to dedicate time and study from the University Exam and the Entrance Exam point of view and maintain a balance between the two to get admission in prestigious institutes. Apart from this, one has to maintain a proper mental balance and take it easy because stress does not help in performing well in exams. Regular studies and hard work helps a student to crack the entrance exam and live his dream.

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