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Is there an Approach to Protect Children with Parental Love?

Is there an approach? According to toronto criminal law firm, there is.

It may be in the expression of parental love, acceptance, and understanding. The most important principle that we have to observe as parents is not to enter into a competitive relationship with our child, not to try to "overcome" it. For a young person self-affirmation and assertion of autonomy are behavioral priorities and he is ready to fight for them with teeth and nails. This is not just a stupid stubborn thing, but a process of learning the skills vital to building his personality. We should not try to break the "rules" of the adolescent; this is not useful for its future development. On the contrary - we must encourage them to exercise his will by directing his efforts not to himself but to the harmful factors of the environment.

The effective way to ensure the safety of our child is to be their coaches in the art of survival. And this is not because we isolate them from the dangers, but by learning to deal with them, to resist the harmful effects and influences. Some of the problems associated with juvenile offenders stem from the fact that they visit adult establishments and do not have the experience needed to communicate safely, and often fall victim to naivety and free behavior. To teach the girl or young person how to react to aggressive attitudes, communicate with drunk people, refuse suspicious invitations to strangers - it is our duty as parents.

DISCOVERIES. They are the most popular entertainment for our growing children - a favorite place for dancing and communication. Contrary to our expectation that the crowd on the dance floor should seriously hamper the first, and deafening noise and scarce lighting - the second. Discos are the place where teenagers get everything they need - favorite music in their respective decibels, a sense of belonging, in-love glances, an opportunity for self-expression ...

- Create your own idea of ​​where your child spends your dinners and in what atmosphere it falls. There are many ways a parent can check what's in the discos, cafes or clubs preferred by his child. You can talk with acquaintances, asks a family friend to check out or go alone, of course not in the time your child is there. The teenager should not feel tracked or spied, but you still need to have a clear idea of ​​the setting and the company where your most expensive being spends his spare time. Be aware of the potential dangers and skills that your undergraduate child should possess in order to survive in this environment.

- The second step is to develop a clear regulation. Agree with the teenagers about the time of their recruitment and ask for unconditional compliance. Explain to them that if they have to overdue the specified time, they must necessarily call you. If you have a daughter, be interested in who you are going out with, and especially with whom you will go home. If your company feels unreliable - engage in personally meeting it.We are available on
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