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Recover the Data If You Have Deleted the Files by Mistake

 You know it, just a moment of inattention, one mouse click or a bad keystroke - and the important data on your computer is irretrievably gone. Do not worry; it's not all lost yet. If you have used your disk or over-write the data many times, then any data recovery program will not work, in this case, you must hire failed hard drive data recovery services.

The accidentally popped Trash or SHIFT together with DEL means that the currently deleted files can no longer be recovered by the normal way. Until you release new data from your hard drive, you still have a chance. Using dedicated data recovery applications, you can extract important files from your hard drive. Similar programs are usually very expensive, but there are also their freeware alternatives that we will briefly introduce. Do not be afraid to try out several different tools to recover deleted files, and their success may vary.

ADRC Data Recovery Tools

This Tools works with both NTFS and FAT system files. In addition to recovering deleted files, this Tool can also backup and restore hard disk images, copy files from hard disks with bad sectors, or create identical copies of discs. You just need to download, unpack, and run, allowing it to be used on USB Flash drives and other portable media.

Avira UnErase Personal

It finds the recoverable data from hard drives of your computer, detects the condition of the deleted files, and tries to recover them. The application is very easy to use, besides its own user interface, it also integrates into the Windows Explorer context menu. In addition to the free version, there are also commercial versions of Premium and Professional that offer even more advanced features for recovering deleted files.

Disk Investigator

It not only can find deleted files, but also the operating system's well-hidden files on the hard drive. This app shows the actual content of each hard drive sector. Various display options show you the full contents of the hard drive and let you work with it, including recovering previously deleted data.

PC Inspector File Recovery

The PC Inspector File Recovery tool handles FAT and NTFS file systems, but not just restoring data from deleted or reformatted hard drives, and also with various other media (USB flash drives, digital camera storage media). Supported is the recovery of media files, documents, and compressed archives. If your media is damaged, then only flash drive data recovery company can help you to recover data.

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