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Things You Need To Know About Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel lineup very easily qualifies as a legendary vaporizer. Proud owners of plenty vaporizers know it. Plenty vaporizer is a little odd and produces some of the finest quality vapors on the market. You can buy Plenty Vaporizer and Plenty Vaporizer accessories online. Now let’s see why you should buy a Plenty Vaporizer.

Vapors It Produces

It produces tasty and thick vapor. It produces super cool clouds. It has an exposed metal cooling unit on the top of the vaporizer. So, you will enjoy favorable and smooth vapor. Don’t let only the size impress you. Its clouds genuinely deliver. Its oven is just like oven of Volcano, it’s huge. It’s perfect for a serious session.


This vaporizer makes use of a large heat exchanger. When a session begins, this exchanger in the base delivers convection heat. This heats up screens and metal ring. The vaporizer produces rich and thick clouds and guarantees full extraction.

Wide Open Airflow

This vaporizer requires no technique and it has no resistance. Whether you want to enjoy pretty hard or slowly, it is simply impressive. The cooling unit starts making whistling noise if you are drawing too quickly. This whistle indicates that you should go a little slower.

Its Orange Handle

It has a very unique color scheme. After you switch the power on, it will not start heating up. You will have to squeeze the orange trigger. When the heating element is on the light starts glowing. And when it turns off, you are good to go.

Hot Metal and Cool Vapor

Its exposed metal cools the vapor in the best way. Heat is transferred outwards and this cools rapidly. However, the metal often gets hot after a few minutes of use. So, don’t touch it. It quickly cools down.            


You can easily control the temperature. Its temperature varies from 266 degree Fahrenheit to 396 degree Fahrenheit. The conduction heat allows full extension.   

It usually takes less than 3 minutes to reach 37 degree Fahrenheit. Similarly, it takes time to cool down.  

Plenty Vaporizer Accessories

The vaporizer comes with very useful accessories. It comes with a two-piece plastic grinder, a small wooden brush, a concentrate pad and three screens.   

Peace of Mind

This vaporizer comes from Germany. A lot of material and design safety agencies have certified this vaporizer. So, peace of mind is guaranteed.   

Size and Weight

This vaporizer is dimensioned to 15.2 cm x 22.6 cm x 5 cm. It weighs 0.68 kg. 


Storz & Bickel has a big reputation. It comes with three years warranty. This warranty covers workmanship issues and defects.   

Let’s unbox Plenty vaporizer

You will get the Plenty vaporizer, a cooling coil, a filling chamber, three screens, one mouthpiece, a long tubing section, a short tubing section, a liquid pad, a cleaning brush and a user manual.   

Getting the best results

Grinding and loading are the most important. The device comes with a grinder which produces a medium grind which is perfect for the Plenty. You will have to cover the entire screen. If you are not doing so, hot air will not vaporize. So, fill it halfway or all the way up. Now put concentrate pad available in the kit against the top screen.                

Maintenance and Cleaning

You can detach its cooling unit and oven. So, you can very easily clean your Plenty Vaporizer. The manual clearly shows how to disassemble the device for cleaning. Once the session is over, wait for a few minutes and let the device cool down. You can use the brush to clean the oven. Leftover often sticks to the screen. This is going to affect airflow and flavor.
The complete kit and Plenty Vaporizer accessories are available online.

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