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Amazing ways to style your Jumpsuit

There’s no doubt jumpsuits are style statement as it creates a striking appeal with the head-to-toe one garment look. Many women shy away from jumpsuits worrying if they will be able to pull it off but all you need is the right fabric and fitting. There is a variety of jumpsuits to choose from for any occasion as they are comfortable, functional, easy to wear, and lets your skin breathe. One of the amazing things about jumpsuits is that you can style them in a several ways and create a different look even with same jumpsuit.

Here’s a look at how to style the jumpsuit:
  • How to choose a jumpsuit
There is a wide range of jumpsuits from printed to Ikat, flared to slim, sleeveless to off-shoulder, contemporary to bohemian, and much more. The choice of jumpsuit depends if you are looking for a casual or formal look, for winters or summers as it helps in narrowing down the options.
  • Casual outings
For a weekend wardrobe, you can trust the jumpsuits any day. They are stylish yet relaxed and comfortable. You can choose the cotton or denim fabric from a variety of silhouettes. The flared bottom jumpsuits with well fitted waist is a nice pick for a weekend outing. Team the jumpsuit with heels to complete the look. If you wish to wear flats, try to go for jumpsuits with fitted bottoms or cropped style jumpsuits.
  • Formal meets
Women mostly perceive that for a formal meet they can only choose from dresses and trousers but a jumpsuit is equally suitable for the formal meet if chosen correctly with right accessories. For a formal look, you can choose a belt-it-up jumpsuit or an overlap jumpsuit. If you work in an informal place such as an advertizing company, you can also wear a ruffled jumpsuit in vibrant colours such as pink. You can also pick a jumpsuit with slim fit legs and team it up with a blazer and minimal earrings for a fresh workplace look.
  • Accessories
Jumpsuit is one item of clothing which is simple to carry and comfortable to wear. However, you still need to accessorize it if you want to create a new look. It is better to wear no accessory than choosing a wrong one. Pay attention to the jewellery, belt, and the shoes that you choose.
  1. Belts
Adding belt to a jumpsuit adds finesse to the entire look. Even if the jumpsuit is fitted at the waist, the belt will accentuate the outfit. The belt should be in a contrast colour to break to the monotony. You can match the colour of belt with your shoes though!
  1. Shoes
Because of the flared bottoms of the jumpsuits, it is a great idea to wear heel. It will also make you appear taller. Stilettos and pumps look great with jumpsuits.
  1. Layering
The easiest way of layering is to wear a shrug, jacket or blazer on the jumpsuit. You can also wear a shirt over or underneath your jumpsuit.
  1. Jewellery
With jumpsuits you can wear chunky neckpieces or huge dangler earrings.
These are some of the best ideas to experiment with your look. Explore for more ideas and varieties of jumpsuit online.

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