Sunday, November 4, 2018

Fish Aren't Biting-9 factors that can be the most challenging for fishing

What is the biggest challenge that you may encounter while fishing? Tough, no rewards offered for this answer, the most severe problem is to make the fishes bite the lure. If you hold substantial experience in fishing, you must have encountered the instances that the fishes didn’t even bother to bite the lure? What are the key reasons for which the fishes may not bite and swallow the food? Well, there can be ample environmental and operational reasons that can be accounted for in this regard. Let’s explore the key points in this regard.

Factors that might make the fishes reluctant to bite the lure

i. Rain: First and foremost, the extent of rain can be a deciding factor about the fishes to bite or not. For instance, just after a heavy rain that would have driven ample of food into the water, you might find the fishes, not biting the lure, for the reason that they are getting the supply of sufficient extent of food from the water.

ii. Sunlight: during bright sunny days, fishes are found to be more active, and hence, they might display more agility to grab anything that comes in their vicinity.

iii.    Cloudy and Overcast conditions: contrary to the point stated above, fishes tend to turn lesser active during the cloudy days, and they may be reluctant to grab the food on the fishing lure.

iv. Use of lures that might hurt the fishes: another critical reason for which the fishes may not bite the fish lure, even if the weather conditions are ideal for fishing. It majorly happens when you use inferior quality fishing lure from the unestablished brands. You should use the Dealvoucherz coupon that would entitle you to get the best deals on the purchase of fishing accessories and equipment from the top brands. You need to redeem the voucher code to enjoy the corresponding benefits in the coupon. This way, you would get to win the deals on the aspects of product quality as well as the price.

v. High pressure: experienced fishermen are well aware of the fact that high pressure makes the conditions better for fishing. Once the pressure level touches the extent of 1018 or goes above, the fishes would feel more comfortable. Hence, they would display more agility and may start looking for more foods. It would enhance the chances for the fishes to bite the foods that you would throw to them. On the other hand, if the pressure drops under the mentioned extent, it triggers inconvenience among the fishes, and hence, they might display a reluctance to swallow the foods on the lure.

vi. Observations suggest that fishes exhibit a higher tendency to bite, just before a storm. It is probably for the changes in the pressure and water temperature.

vii. Change in the pressure: another essential point to keep in mind that drastic change in the pressure would make the fish bite at higher rates. When there comes a radical change in the atmospheric pressure, fishes start feeling uncomfortable, and this drives them to something like “emotional eating”. Thus, it can be stated as faster is the change in this regard, the fishes would start biting at a higher intensity, making the conditions ideal for fishing. An expert and experienced fisherman would never make a mistake to comprehend these changes.

iiiv.  Water temperature: while the water stays at a higher temperature, the metabolic rate of the fishes increase that makes them more active. Automatically, they start looking for more foods. As such, it is likely that fishes would display a higher propensity to bite the lure when the temperature of the water is towards the upper sides. To the contrary, when the water temperature drops, due to fall in the metabolic rate, fishes turn lesser active.

ix. Use of fish foods that don’t appeal to the fishes: would you love to swallow the foods that you don’t find tasty? Obviously not, and this holds true with the fishes as well. In other words, you should pick the foods that would drive the fishes to bite the lure. Considering this, it would be wise to refer to the reviews on the products that would be helpful to pick the best from the available options.
Consider these conditions with precision to determine the right conditions for fishing to produce the optimum “harvest”. It is needless to say that you would have the best catch if you can use the right time and resources for fishing.

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