Monday, November 19, 2018


There are many ways to lose your weight and you can live healthy for the entire life. But to lose weight you need to work really very hard, you need to take the appropriate amount of calories and workout almost everyday so as to remove the excess of fat. Managing weight is an impossible task but it has got several benefits for your health if you can maintain it. There are many people who literally make themselves starve for a longer duration in order to reduce their weight, as a result, it makes their metabolic system quite weak and they might get sick. So it is always advised to go for an accurate amount of calories which is beneficial for the body and helps you to nourish for the longer term.

Here are some of the tips which you can follow to maintain your diet so you can lose weight safely.

1   1 .      KEEP YOUR DIET SAFELY:- Try to make small and achievable goals which you can maintain in long run to reduce your weight. Atleast consume 400-500 calories per day which should include fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole wheat grains in your diet, eating healthy will make you fit and strong for a longer run. Try to eat that food which is better and helps you reduce weight. It is always advisable by doctors to lose atleast 1 pound to 2 pounds every week then only you can lose 26 to 52 pounds in a period of 6 months.  Try to replaceyourhigh-calorie food with low-calorie health substitutes. Try to go for low-calorie Americano by replacing it with mocha or latte. In this way, you can reduce the calories.

2.      TRY TO CONTROL:- Controlling of your diet is an integral of losing weight safely, you should on how to control the amount of calorie intake. For this, the easiest thing which you can do is catch hold of some health apps, which can give you the data of what calories you consumed and how much diet you need to maintain for a particular day. These health apps are quite effective as they give you the exact diet depending upon your age, size, height and sex.

3.      TRY TO MINIMIZE THE USE OF TECHNOLOGY:- When you are in front of any favourite show on the T.V, you are kind of eat more than your normal diet. This happens because at that time when you are watching your favourite show you don’t give importance to food and you keep on eating more and more. This is a very dangerous thing as unknowingly you will increase the weight of your body and you are not even aware of it.

4.      BUY THE ONES YOU NEED:- When you go shopping, regardless of anything your tendency is to pick everything from the shopping complex. As a result, you buy those foods which were highly marketed and they are high in sugar content, salty or contains highly preservatives. Try to avoid the intake of crispy chips or oily snacks; cut down on sugary beverages as much as possible.

5.     REGULAR EXERCISES:- If you consume fewer calories you need to make a 30-minuteschedule to exercise every day so as to remain healthy and fit. A balanced diet along with some workout activities can boost your metabolism and leads towards living a healthy life. If you are an office going person, catch hold of some aerobics workshop in the morning or evening or else you can go for yoga or do a brisk walking in the early morning.

6.     CUT DOWN ON SUGARY BEVERAGE:- A great food doesn’t end without the best glass of wine or alcohol; this is the normal tendency of every person. But a lot of calories are being consumed when you consume the sugarybeverage,it'sbeen estimated that around 150-200 calories are consumed in any glass of beer or wine. Try to cut the usage of alcohol, so as to reduce your weight and stay fit for a longer duration.

These are some of the strategies you need to follow so as to maintain a healthy diet and remain fit for the longer duration of time. Maintenance is the key to success, if you can’t maintain they you would feel sick and you will be prone to anydisease. So try to avoid the consumption of the unhealthy or sugary beverage.

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