Friday, December 21, 2018

Kids Entertainment Party in Melbourne

Race Party is an entertainment event venue for kids based in Melbourne. In addition, an event venuethat not only caters to kids’ fun but also for private party booking, corporate team building, racing parties and off-site job meetings. Race Party offers remarkable kids party entertainment that takes kids into the fast lane, where their skills are tested in a slot car, high-speed action arena. 

This game was developed after an encounter chance of the old world slot vehicle center in a country victory. The game is suitable for the general age group of6 up to 106. They both use 40 meter turns and twists of the Monaco tracks and Albert Park that consists of dual 360 loops and eight lanes. 

More facts about Slot car racing

With the number of different races and car options, the gameplay can also be personalized for particular events or groups, from your kids having their first racing experience, directly towards enthusiasts looking to create a record of a new lap. The enjoyment and excitement when the races start is addictive and unexplainable;you have to try it yourself.

Race Party More updates

Race party organizers are constantly looking to include the latest technologies and new provisions where they can further improve the entertainment experience. This advancement incorporates disco themes, day and night racing, ultraviolet racing options which are all designed to suit diverse groups’ dynamics and numbers.

Also, they are looking forward to facilitating and coordinating races to run flawlessly with an in-race commentator to keep everyone updated. Lap timing and scoring to the thousandth of a second,the smallest blunders can send you down the leaderboard; it gets very competitive.

Refreshment Supplies

Besides racing actions, the event cannot be complete without refreshments that include bottled beer, sparkling wine, water, soft drinks as well as photoshoots for memories of the incredible day at slot car racing Melbourne. At the Race Party event, there must be tremendous things to do, especially when the races are over. Of course, celebrating the winner at the winner’s podium. Exclusive use of Party photos for both guests and hosts, tracking theme with the logo of your company at corner signage are also included.

Beverages and Canapés attached with race lounges at the arrival, racing moments of about 150 minutes in 1 of the 2 races track rooms including preliminary race, practice laps, knockouts and ultimate race series. The series of racing actions are normally facilitated by dedicated race crew staff.

Perfect for both girls and boys

School-going kids from 6years and above are allowed to participate. 90 minutes are available both during weekends and weekdays. Overall Race Party birthdays booking having the minimum of ten and maximum of 24 kids

Venue for hire at Race Party

For the celebration extravaganza or presentation event or deluxe company, Race Party is the ideal place to host your guests with a memorable occasion. A full venue for hire is always available, including a constant racing on both tracks room, personalized, traditional furniture layouts and personalized beverages and food for everyone.

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