Saturday, December 22, 2018

What to Do Before Concluding a Lease?

Before concluding a lease, try to get to know your future lease as much as possible, because if you estimate that this is a problematic person, it is better not to conclude a contract at all, but later to look for ways to compensate for the damage it has inflicted on you. Make sure you browse our website and find more information about us.

Also, keep in mind that pets can cause numerous damages to the apartment, and if you rent a flat to a person who lives with them, make sure to protect yourself by contract, by foreseeing the lessee's obligation to compensate and damage you with his animals, or, let's say, the obligation to turn the same washing machine out of the apartment before the exit from the apartment.

If none of these preventive ways to solve this problem fails, you can make compensation for the damage suffered by the tenant in a civil proceeding, where you will need evidence that the same damage has been caused. Such evidence is not always easy to collect and provide, and it is always advisable in such cases to seek the assistance of a lawyer as a professional who can provide you with adequate legal assistance.
The leaseholder will not leave the apartment after the termination of the contract

Whether the lease agreement has expired or you have terminated it for a certain reason, the lessee no longer has a legal basis to reside in the apartment. Nevertheless, it happens that the tenants in these situations refuse to leave the apartment.

Since in such situations it is mostly an agreement with the former tenant impossible now, it is necessary to file a lawsuit with the competent court for eviction. It is very likely that this procedure will take some time, and at that time the lessee will not pay you a rent, and it is possible that, from the revenge that you have sued him, you will be causing some damage to your apartment. Of course, the court will oblige you, if requested by the lawsuit, to compensate you for all the damage. Therefore, arm yourself with patience and engage a professional advocate in this process.

Law on Housing and Maintenance of Buildings, prescribes the procedure for the eviction of illegally moved persons to be carried out by a local self-government unit. The first condition for the conduct of this procedure is that a person who is illegally present in the apartment has no legal basis for this (even not controversial). Therefore, this procedure would come into consideration only if the lease contract for a certain period of time expired or that the contract was undoubtedly terminated.
In all other cases, the court would be competent, in a regular litigation procedure.

However, this eviction process has not yet started in practice
everywhere in the world, so that while municipalities and cities do not establish the practice of eviction or until a legislator prescribes a new, more efficient eviction procedure, it remains to trust the judiciary.
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