Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Get Guaranteed ROI By Purchasing Pre-Leased Property

The commercial sector in India is progressing at a great rate,and in some cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, etc. the influx of the commercial properties is on the rise,and the investors from across the world are trying to have some amount of investment in this space. These days’ people are looking forward to purchasing the property as a part of the investment because the scene of the real estate is quite good and the return on investment is assured at a good rate.

Real estate is a lucrative field to invest in and is the same for the investment as well. Real estate investment is basically of two types, residential and commercial. It is up to the investor as to where they want to invest their money in. A lot of deciding factors go in the investment decisions as it is the personal choice and seeing the market growth and scenario along with keeping in mind the future; investment has to be done. These days, a lot of interest has been generated in the purchase of pre-leased property as there is a guaranteed income right from the first month of purchase.

The trend of pre-leased property purchase

The property which is rented to an enterprise, proprietor or an organization which is then purchased by another buyer along with the rent as well as known as the pre-leased property. The main reason as for why a sudden trend of this in the real estate market is that it assures the buyer of the pre-leased property, an assured amount of income on a regular basis. A lot of investors are now opting for this type of investment because the return on investment is guaranteed and known and hence, is of a higher premium. There is plenty of pre leased property for sale in new delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, etc.

Much unknown to the general population, a highnumber of banks is rented property,and with banks, space has to be big enough for smooth operations so in that case, rent also is high. That is why the pre leased property to banks in new delhi generates a good deal of income to the buyers.

The NCR region now hosts a lot of start-ups and businesses,and most of them have been established in the last few years only. The aspect of investing in the real estate and that too in the commercial sector was not completely preferred. People rather opted for the residential space investment as it would be for longevity and can be used for several purposes such as weekend home, inheritance, investment, renting it out, or just waiting for the market price to increase and then selling it for profit.

 But now people are getting aware of the market trends are investing in the commercial sector too. Purchasing the pre-leased property is the best example for that as it guarantees the return on investment and that too at appropriate intervals. Investors are now opting for such ways to generate high premium and better income.

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