Friday, February 1, 2019

Amazon sparks fears with sales forecast

Amazon has offered the least expected sales for the first three months of the year, which is scared to increase the growth of investment.

Shares in the online wall fell almost 5 percent in trading, despite the sale of sales and profits during Christmas holidays How to Fix Pname com Facebook Orca Error Message..

Amazon's sales are expected to be the first analyst to offer a review between the 10% and 18% in the first quarter.

The firm said a target was partly partially charged with a target exchange rate.

How did Amazon take the lead by the top

Amazon's market price is up to $ 1tn

Up to the end of the year in three months, which included the crucial Christmas period, profit increased from 63% to $ 3 billion (£ 2.2bn), whereas the revenue was 20% to $ 72.4 billion.

Although it was better than the expectations of the analysts, the slowest-ever-developed growth for the firm since the beginning of 2015 Pname Com Facebook Orca

The reason for decline is that firm firm deals with challenges abroad in changing markets in India.

It is also facing a growing competition in the home, such as target retailers such as target and wall masters invest in a lot of online operations.

The research firm Global Data Analyst Nail Saunders said the acquisition of rivals has damaged Amazon's retail division.

"We think, the difference between Amazon and the rest is now tight," he said.

"Amazon will now need to work double hard to gain sales in future."

Nevertheless, he said that compared to many other retailers, the firm's retail sales figures were still strong.

In North America, sales increased by 18 percent, while its international sales reached 15%.

'Impressive' profits

Mr. Saunders said the profits of the firm were also "impressive".

Amazon's wide-scale profits, including cloud, advertising, and third-party sales services are increasingly increasing towards the development of its high margin business.

Amazon's Cloud Computing Arm, Amazon Web Services, offers two-thirds of last quarter profits.

This service is one of those who is ready to assist in reducing revenue growth in its retail arm.

Amazon Founder and Chief Executive Jeff Bevaus, who is also the richest person in the world, told his smartphone Alexa that it was the company's bestselling device.

The online retailers wanted to strengthen their grip on their customers such as the Amazon Press, which offer free delivery and other benefits, "said Nicolas Hit, analyst at Harborife Lancedude.

"With many occasions, Amazon CEO Jeff is the biggest problem facing the Twice, where to pay attention."

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