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The smarter way of energy consumption

The solar inverter or photovoltaic inverter, converts the direct voltage from the batteries or the modules into a sinusoidal alternating voltage, similar to the one provided by the electrical network, 230V to 50Hz. The solar inverters cover input voltages of 12V, 24V or 48V when used in isolated installations of the electrical network. For solar inverters connected to the network, the input voltage is usually higher, since it prioritizes reaching high voltages, reducing the intensity of current flowing through them and thus reducing cable losses.

The solar inverters for isolated installations are always connected to a central battery bank with a permissible input voltage according to the rated voltage that can reach such batteries.

To buy online solar inverter, there are various types to consider.  The solar inverters for isolated installations can be categorized into four types as pure sine wave inverters, modified wave inverters, hybrid inverters and inverter chargers.

The pure sine wave inverters are inverters that generate a pure sinusoidal or sinusoidal electric power, of the same quality that the conventional electrical network generates.

The hybrid inverter or modulated square wave, are investors that can be used on computers that will convert electrical energy into heat, universal motors etc. Special attention is to paid when it is connected as any equipment that has transformer or non-universal motors could cause a malfunction.

The charger inverters are inverters that, in addition to converting the direct current in to alternating current. They have the additional function of regulating the charge of the batteries, that is, the charge regulator needed to control the charge of the batteries is carried by the same inverter.

Top solar invertersonline shopping india, provides you with a variety of options to choose from. It is necessary to know the important characteristics of the solar inverters before buying them online.

       Power : The nominal power of the inverter is the maximum sustained power that the inverter can offer. It can be offered in two types of units, in vátios (W) and voltio-amps (VA). Both units refer to power and are differentiated by the type of consumer that exists.

       Maximum power : The maximum power delivered by an inverter is usually twice the nominal power. It occurs for a few seconds, and serves to respond to peaks of load consumption as engines when starting.

       Temperature : The inverters have a defined nominal power under certain conditions, usually at 25ºC. When the ambient temperature increases the dissipation of the heat generated by Joule effect in the inverter itself becomes more difficult and consequently the power delivered by the inverter decreases.

       Voltage :The 12V inverters usually have low powers, up to about 2,000W, the inverters of 24V intermediate powers of 2,000W to 3,000W and those of 48V from 4,000W to 10,000W.

Solar inverters are eco-friendly and smart way for power consumption. They are 97% efficient and it can feed power from solar panels directly to grid in no time. If the utility grid goes down, they quickly disconnect from the grid.

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