Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Chinese student has been sentenced to a year in federal prison for illegally taking photos

Zoe’s says they are a Chinese musician student who was traveling to the United States for a summer exchange program. After completing his teachings in September, he flew to Miami and then led West Coast.

But Key West police station was taken to pass to the high-security Navy Air Station instead of seeing Hamango House and other places. Later he told federal officials that he lost his way on the tourists' trail and did not think it was a military base.

Investigators found photos and videos on the smartphone's smartphone, as well as on the digital camera on the military buildings in the official buildings and the Defense Department Antenna field.

During a 20-year-old convoy held in Munero County County, on a counting of photographic defense installations during key Western military facilities, claimed Tuesday and US District Judge. Michael Moore sentenced to a year's jail. The judge punished him maximum, which was more than the instruction of hearing between zero and six months. 

US Attorney General tried nine months of jail

Five others have been dismissed as a matter of case for a criminal application. He made his appearance through his behavior through a remote video hook from the Federal Court, with his behavior lawyer. He acknowledged through a Chinese translator that he used to take illegal photographs on September 26, but enclosed on the limited basis of the Navy Air Station, but did not respond.

Although federal authorities accused the defense installations with a conviction, they were questioned by the FBI agents after they entered the court and arrested him during the Tuesday hearing only one There was no potential detective for tourist but also Chinese government.

Federal prosecutor Michael Sharon said that Kali took water in his clothes to go around the security fence on the southern lady of Navy, where signs indicate that it is a limited area and to stay out. Contrary to his claim, he was just a tourist and was lost, the FBI agents did not find any photo of tourist places like Malauri Square on their smartphone or digital cameras.

Sharon said, "The main images on this camera were military facility," Sharon said, a witness had seen that the defense department antenna was in the field and picture of the photo. "It was not a target of tourists who lost and lost on the military facility."

However, the defense lawyer of Hong Kong, Hongwi said repeatedly that his client was a student student at the North University of North University, who completed a tour of the West as tourist after completing the summer exchange program. had gone.

Shanghai said in connection with a hearing on Tuesday that he is not a spy. "A spy will not do anything like that. There is no evidence." He made a foolish mistake. He confessed to it. He wants to go home. "

Talking about the shores of Shanghai and wanted to see them again, as he stood during his opinion.
Finding Mercy for Your Client, Shing was released by an American student of North Korea, Otto Warmbier, who was 17 months imprisonment for 17 months and a year in comma. Warmer, an Ohio population later died, after traveling to China, with a tour group visited North Korea. He was accused of an "enemy action" and was trying to steal propaganda posters against North Korea's powerful government.

The reference to Sheng regarding this extremely controversial case was clearly pronounced with the judge, who said that Wahmiber was unable to take photos and videos of North Korean military installations, because his client was at the Navy Air Station in Fort-west What

The conviction and punishment of the conviction, according to the recent CNN report, said that American intelligence officials have warned China is studying in the United States that collect information on the US, Beijing government, technology and science. Works as a spy.

Zoe's sentence comes as the US authorities claim that China is engaged in a consistent, aggressive attempt against US enterprises and government institutions.

Both countries are trading talks to reduce long-term American concerns on Beijing's trade practices. But in the last six months the tensions between the two countries have spread in military, political and diplomatic fields.

US intelligence warns that China is using spy to steal privacy

US officials, analysts and experts told CNN in a report last week that Beijing is working to weaken American industries, steal American secrets and ultimately reduce American influence in the world so that The Chinese government could continue its agenda.

The Chinese government has repeatedly said that it is working well in relation to the relationship with the United States. Foreign Minister's spokesman Gang Sheng told January 30, "I do not know where this insecure situation has come from."

"China is constantly supporting the establishment of a new security concept of instability and cooperation."

Experts say every year 350,000 people are studying in China in the United States.
Current and former intelligence officials told the CNN that they are meeting China government, even if the vast majority are not sent to the US to spy.

"There is no competition with China's wide range and capacity to face the United States today, as they actively try to supplier the United States globally,"
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