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How to treat Hearing loss - Complete Guide

Hearing loss(hearing impairment) is a little or total inability to hear. A deaf person who has little to no hearing. It may occur in one or both ears. It can be temporary or permanent.

Hearing loss in children can affects the ability to learn spoken language. In adults, it can create difficulty in social interactions or at work. In older people, hearing loss can result in loneliness.


Causes of hearing loss

The cause of hearing loss is really important to understand as it factors heavily into determining the right treatment.

There are many causes of hearing loss in which some causes are responsible for the only certain type of hearing loss.

For example, earwax blocking causes Conductive hearing loss and exposure to loud music or sound can cause Sensorineural hearing loss.
Any of the following can cause hearing loss
       Advancing age
       Certain medications(ototoxic drugs)
       Trauma or injury to the head
       Genetic factors
       Exposure to excessively loud noise
       Certain illnesses such as mumps, Meniere's disease etc
       A tumor on the acoustic nerve

Signs of Hearing Loss
In children, hearing loss can affects the ability to learn spoken language. In adults, it can create difficulty in social interactions or at work. In older people, hearing loss can result in loneliness. People who have hearing loss may experience the following:

       Difficulty in understanding everyday conversation
       The feeling of being able to hear but not understand
       Having to turn the volume of TV and Radio
       Asking others to repeat what they said
       Avoiding the social interactions that were once enjoyable
       So much difficulty to communicate in noisy situations like restaurant, family gatherings, in the car or in group meetings.
       Tinnitus or ringing/buzzing sound in the year

Types of hearing loss

There are basically three types of hearing loss, which are

       Conductive hearing loss is caused by the problem in the outer or in the middle ear or an obstruction in the ear canal such as ear wax as it blocks sounds from getting to the eardrum. This can be often fixed by medicine or surgery. You can use bone conduction technology devices. They work on bone conduction rather than air conduction.

       Sensorineural hearing loss is the most common type and it is permanent. It is caused by damage to tiny hair-like cells in the inner ear or through auditory nerve. Most of the time medicine or surgery cannot fix this.

       Mixed hearing loss happens when components of both Conductive hearing loss and Sensorineural hearing loss are present there.

Home Remedies to Treat Hearing Loss


Here we are talking about some home remedies like herbs that can help cure hearing loss. Herbs contain vital elements that help in preventing or reducing the deterioration of hearing loss. Some of them are:

       Potassium regulates the amount of fluid in body tissues and blood.

       Echinacea contains antibiotics which help in fighting viruses or germs that can cause inner ear infections. It also reduces inflammation of sinus and ear tissues which enhance good hearing sense.

       Ginger has antibiotic and antiviral components that are essential in preventing components that cause hearing loss. It regulates and activates nerves that facilitate sound transmission waves to the brain.

       Turmeric has bioactive compounds with strong medicinal properties that assist your brain and body to function in a seamless fashion. It is also rich in potassium mineral which plays an essential role in facilitating healthy ear functioning.

       Ginkgo Biloba helps in facilitating blood platelets production. It facilitates proper blood circulation throughout the body and more specifically the ear tissues. Proper blood circulation in the ear makes it function better.

       Essential oils have properties that can help your body to fight what may be causing hearing loss. For example, Lavender can soothe and possibly help with the by-products of hearing loss or tinnitus by reducing overall body inflammation.


Following are some exercise and methods that you can do to improve your hearing or hearing loss

       Improve hearing loss by yoga. Yoga can improve your hearing as these exercises can increase circulation in your ear and brain. Increased circulation helps improve nerve functions and remove toxin and waste.

       Exercise daily by going out for a walk or job or even just gardening or doing housework is great for getting your blood pumping and keeping your circulation strong. 

       Improve hearing loss by meditation. Meditate in a park or other public area where you are surrounded by various sounds. While meditating focus in and out on each sound around you and try to locate from which side the sound is coming.

       Improve hearing loss or hearing power by hearing exercises. Hearing exercise is something in which we train our ears in multiple sound sources and noise situation so they accommodate faster and focus on the sound that you want to hear.

Hope you find the article useful.

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