Thursday, February 7, 2019

Norton customer support UK

Norton provides support to its customers as business deals, social engagement and information flow never comes to an end.

There are four methods, which the company uses in order to meet the needs of the customers, and these channels include phone chat, social support, and community forums.

These channels are available for 24 hours and seven days a week.

Call Center Elimination

There are problems while calling a call center as the caller has to hold and wait for a long period, which can lead to frustration.

Now with the help of phone and chat support, all the problems can be resolved within 15 minutes.

The Norton customer support UK team shows patience in handling the issues of the customers. The objective of the team is to resolve the issue of the customer at the first call.

Do other work

While chatting with the Norton customer support UK team, the customer can also do other things like browsing internet, reading book or newspaper or typing something.

The remoteassist technology supports the chat and the customer doesn't have to hold the phone to his ears. Users who are less familiar with chat support can call the support for assistance. The support team shows patience in resolving all the issues of the users.

Social support

Social media is a technique with which people can raise their voice around the world. The social support provided by the Norton customer support UK will reach immediately for the assistance. The support treats each query as unique and provides support to the customers as per their requirement.

The social support team of Norton customer support UK discusses positively and also catches those customers who do not ask their problems directly.

The team not only searches Facebook and Twitter but other social media sites and forums in order to know the problems of the customers.

The social support team work on negative e comments and help those customers who have given them.  In a survey, it has been found that average rating given by the customers to the Norton social support team was 9.2 out of 10.

Norton Community Forum

The Norton Community Forum discusses honestly any problem faced by a customer. This results in free flowing information and conversation. In this way, customers can help each other through the forums. Norton has employed moderators on the forum but they take part in it only when it is required.

The inputs given by the users can help in the development of a new product and can also troubleshoot Norton products. The engineers are informed about the issues which are occurring regularly so that the can be eliminated before the situation gets worst.

Mission to make customers happy

The objective of the company is to make their customers happy. They even fix the problems, which are not known, to customers.

In this way, the team acts first before the customer finds a problem. As the antivirus techno logy is developing rapidly, so new products are being launched and existing ones are being upgraded.

This can lead to problems due to bugs and the customers can complain about it. The team helps the customers to make them happy in every possible way.

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