Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Amazing exercises to play barre chords efficiently

Getting a barre chord to sound good is a real struggle for many musicians, especially on an acoustic guitar. It takes a hell of a time to really get a barre chord to sound clear and clean. Let’s be honest here, barres are a headache and can be pretty frustrating at first. It sometimes feels like an irritating task to find the buzzing sound caused due to not properly playing barre chords on guitar. But don’t worry, below are mentioned some amazing tips and exercises which gonna make your barre chords playing better. If fact, you’re gonna do great!

The trick is not just about pressing hard. There’s more to it. It's about positioning of your fingers, pressing your index finger on the strings in such a way that you find the right balance without feeling feel any strain. Adjusting the positioning of your index finger slightly up or down to find the perfect balance which ultimately leads to no buzzing sound from the strings. Try rolling it to the sight a bit. Make sure your thumb is right behind the neck to give it enough support. In the end, all that matters is your fingers position.

Don’t expect your barres to sound great in the beginning, it’s part of the process. It takes some time for the fingers to adapt the position, but also don’t forget to practice daily because barre chords are easy only till you play them regularly. So it’s not just a matter of strength but also technique and the latter takes practice and patience.

So check out these exercise to improve your barre chords playing efficiently:

       Finding the exact finger, thumb position

Here’s a funny little exercise that's surprisingly effective. Take any barre chord, and Play it. In the beginning, it will not sound great but don’t lose hope. Just focus on the position, adjust your palm while keeping your ring, middle and pinky fingers in place, and slap the low E string with your index finger four times and play the chord again (pick the strings one by one).Repeat the process again but this time, move up a semitone. Play the chord once more, again picking the strings one by one.

Keep practicing this, which will ultimately lead to barre chords sounding cleaner!

       Program the shape into your fingers

It might take some practice to get them in the right position and to get the shapes in your muscle memory. To do this, play a barre chord and check the sound. Now, keep pressing that chord for 30 seconds to get a good hold on that shape so as to allow muscle memory to remember that shape. Keep doing this until and unless you start feeling strain. Whenever you feel strain, halt the practice and give your hand a rest and after some time, start again.

By pressing the chord this hard, the muscles in your hand will remember the shape which will effectively improve your barre chord playing.

       Track your progress exercise

Getting results can be a problem for barre chords, because it either sounds good or it doesn’t. Here’s an exercise which will tell your exercise progress.

Barre all the six strings with your index finger at the 2 fret and play each strings one-by-one to see which strings are sounding clean and which muted. If you’re getting 3 out of 6 strings to sound clean, that’s a good starting point! Keep doing that process by moving up a fret everytime and check the score on every fret.

With this exercise, you will eventually realise that the sound is getting more clean and clear after every step.


So, these were some amazing tips to develop your barre chord playing sound effectively good and clear. After getting a good hold, try playing some song, you can start with Sa mga bituin nalang ibubulong chords, Tum prem ho tum preet ho in barre chords style so to see the result of your practice. Happy Jamming!

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