Friday, March 29, 2019

An ideal age gap between siblings

The moment you have a first child the mind crosses over to siblings. In case if you have given a thought to have another child then what would be an ideal time gap between siblings.

As much as the thought goes among parents to have another child, ideally there is no best time to have another child. Both drawbacks and benefits arise when you have child close together pretty much like positives or negatives of having child far apart. It boils down to family dynamics and do you have the ability to handle another child.

An idea about sibling spacing

A keen observation of siblings placed together or distinctly apart

For 12 to 18 months age gap

For siblings who tend to be close in age, demonstrate less sibling rivalry and parents love when kids play together. Though the main reason is that the first child would not have developed a feeling of jealously. They welcome their playmate with an open arm.

One more reason why parents think of having kids in this period is sacrifices of raising a child is condensed in one period. For children who are in this time frame it becomes easy for a parent not to go for a job and raise kids together. This cuts down costs and the transition phase of a working parent is reduced.

In terms of drawbacks of having kids together intense pressure is developed for baby needs that puts pressure on a mother. 2 kids mean everything twice which can take a toll on your physical needs. This would be really hard for a mother to bear as the body might be just recovering after breastfeeding the first baby. Sometimes you could be forced to wean your first baby before you even get ready.

18 months of age

You need to wait for 18 months to conceive a baby as it is best for a mother’s health. The drawback to this situation is that you encourage sibling rivalry. This is strong at this point of time as parents are forced to struggle with a kid who develops a strong sense of identity at this point of time.

Once you become older this age gap is considered to be ok. They are close to be playing and enjoying each other’s company and at the same time have their own identity and interests.

3 years and even older

This reduces sibling rivalry to a considerable extend. Till this point of time an older child is independent and can themselves take care of things. Apart from this the challenges of a mother having recovered from physical demands of a first pregnancy reduces. This large age gap provides a parent an opportunity in returning back to their work force as soon as they can. The wide gaps between children might force kids not to play together especially during the first few years. In addition you might be starting from scratching as all aspects of pregnancy you might be going once again.

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