Monday, March 11, 2019

Connecting with your loved inmate in prison is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

We all know that the life of an inmate is not easy. They are not just lonely but are also often burdened with guilt of their past.Have you ever wondered “How do the loved ones feel and cope?”

For them,it is not just the explaining to the world that they have to face, but they also have to fight their own emotional separation, anger, and sadness. More often than not, distance separates more than just miles. It often separates the once close bonds of family and friends. Some go from happy and stable, to strained and angry. Here is where keeping in touchis crucial.

Barriers to communication

To start, it is mostly feelings of anger that many need to overcome. Once the anger is overcome by compassion and love, the distance and complicated communications is the second, and often most difficult, hurdle to jump. Many do not have the time, nor do they have the financial stability to travel for visitation. Communication is often achieved through mail, but it is frustrating for both the inmate and their loved ones. Letters and pictures are delayed or “lost” in transit. The frustration grows deeper knowing that the letters and photos are reviewed and filtered through. It happens often that people stop writing and sending pictures, and the connection becomes limited or even nonexistent.

Importance of communication

It is important that inmates are supported by a solid network of family and friends. With regular updates, letters, and support from family and friends outside, inmates can be inspired to change their ways and be better law-abiding citizens. However, a lot of people stop writing to their loved one in prison because there is little time to sit and write a letter or print pictures. The process is often emotionally and mentally exhausting. Unfortunately, this also affects the inmate waiting.

Their hope and aspiration to do better often stems from your letters and photos. Your support and communication can be what changes them. By not maintaining healthy communication with the outside world, their chances of a healthy life upon release, decreases.

Stay connected through the Inmate Compassion App

One app that can help this process is Inmate Compassion.Available for both Android and Apple users, this app is an affordable, easy, and efficient way to send postcards, letters, and personal pictures to an inmate,from anywhere at any time and throughout the year.You can choose to write short notes on postcards and picture cards or send a heartfelt long picture letter. Upload images directly from your camera, phone’s gallery, or your social media gallery and send pictures to inmates. You can also send books and magazines from the app’s store to keep inmates motivated.

It is easy – you write, they print and deliver. Here are the 3 steps -

Step 1 - Write your message

Write your message in the language of your choice and any of the following formats:

1.         Send an inmate a Postcard
2.         Send an inmate a Personalized Picture card
3.         Send an inmate a Picture Letter

You can also upload images directly from your camera, phone’s gallery, or your social media gallery and send pictures to inmates – like your baby’s first steps, your daughter's graduation, holiday celebrations, or a special occasion that you wish they shared with you. You can write your message on the app, or do so on the website.

Step 2 - Personalize your message

Instead of picking a note pad or stationary from a physical store, you can find similar options in the app’s Image Library. There are pre-designed templates dedicated to all. To make your message even more beautiful, there are numerous colorful stickers to add! If you are not done with your message or wish to add more to it in the future, you can save it as a draft to access it later.

Step 3 - Send your message

With a secured payment gateway, you can send your messages for a small cost.Payment can be easily made through a debit/credit card, or even Apple Pay.The team will print it on high-quality paper and deliver to your loved one on your behalf. They accept orders 365 days a year so that you never miss an opportunity to send your love.

If staying connected to your loved inmate in prison is so easy, why would you want to miss out on any opportunity? Motivate them and show them that you care with this unique app downloaded on your phone and often in your hand.Download or share with someone who misses their loved one…

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