Monday, March 11, 2019

Fashion: A way to express yourself in front of others

What do you exactly mean by the term fashion? Fashion is a word that tells us about the dressing sense of the person.

1.      Fashion is not about wearing branded clothes. Fashion is a sense that says people should wear neat and tidy clothes according to the trends- No matter if they are branded or not.

2.      Fashion includes wearing beautiful clothes with a matching pair of accessories and shoes. The fashion aspects can be feminine and masculine.

3.      Therefore, some of the fashion aspects are androgynous that means can be worn by both men and women.

What are the advantages of being fashionable? There are so many advantages that say being fashionable is very much important. Some of the advantages are mentioned below as follows:

1.      Fashion helps you in expressing yourself in front of others: Being fashionable, will increase your demand in your peer groups and other people. If your fashion sense will be liked by others there are chances that you can become a person with a better personality. That is how fashion will help you out in expressing yourself in front of others.

2.      Fashion is a way to build your self-confidence in front of people: Being fashionable, will help you out in introducing yourself to others. This will further help you out in building your self-confidence. Self-confidence with further help in increasing the personality of the person.

3.      Fashion will help you in interacting with society and other people: Fashion is a sense, that helps people to interact with society. If the fashion sense of the person will be liked by society then definitely it will become a reason to interact with others.

4.      Fashion is a form of individual art: Wearing up clothes according to the trends with your way of fashion sense in itself considered as an art. These are the advantages of being fashionable or having fashion sense.

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What are the disadvantages of being fashionable? If anything has a good side, then it also has bad sides. There are so many disadvantages that say being fashionable is not much important. Some of the disadvantages are mentioned below:

1.      Fashion sometimes become a reason for bullying: There are so many clothing items that are not loved by other society members. This can cause a reason for bullying the person. If you are wearing clothes according to the trends, then it’s perfect but you are wearing clothes according to your sense then it can become a reason for bullying. Because the fashion sense of an individual is sometimes not acceptable by society.

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2.      Sometimes fashion is considered as a Physical abuse: The clothes of models are sometimes skinny and tight that can become a reason for physical abuse. Therefore, children are also influenced by these images sometimes. These are some of the reasons that say doing fashion is very important.

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