Thursday, March 21, 2019

How Jealousy Can Destroy the Relationship?

The jealousy in the relationship can easily break up that harmonious relationship that you so gently cultivated. Here's what you can do if you have unusual expressions of jealousy according to

It's completely normal that we are a little jealous of other people, but jealousy is somewhat different. If you do not learn to control it, you can destroy relationships with your partner forever.

Some people have no problems with trust when it comes to love and are not by nature jealous. But we are all different. Someone has this line, and in some people, the unpleasant experience of other relationships has grown out of preoccupation with jealousy.

Before you fall into jealousy, look at things from another angle. Calm down and think before you respond. Ask yourself if your behavior is reasonable, What caused it to jealousy? Is this a kind of teenage
behaviorl? Is it really worth "to be anxious" about it? Take some time to think about it. Try to put yourself in the partner's shoes. Try to remember how your friend (who does not have a problem with severe jealousy) regained or reacted when she was in the same situation. And after all, talk to someone you trust, who will explain to you the valid reasons why you have no reason for jealousy.
Uncertainty and burden of the past

Jealousy often comes from uncertainty when compared to others. Is she thinner, more
good looking than me? Is she/ he more fun? Will I attract him/ her? While you 're breaking these issues, you' re horribly looking at your partner, and you make ugly scenes, it 's possible that you' ll just get rid of the love of your life for that reason. Get to know your insecurity well and compare them with good sides. Believe you will find many more good sides and that's what your partner likes for you.

You need to leave all the "
baggage" and cargo from the past that you are dragging behind. They are more dangerous than jealousy. If you were deceived, this fear will probably follow you. You have to get rid of it. Trust is crucial. Without this, your relationship has no bright future.

You must see your best friend in the partner - not your boyfriend,
girlfriend, wife, husband. You believe in your the best friend, right? And if you are concerned about the partner's behavior, talk about it with him, but calmly blamelessly, without subverting. You're looking to clarify some of the things - make it easier for you. Ask them to help you cure jealousy by strengthening your trust.

If you catch a girlflirting with your partner, do not let yourself turn into a red pepper, which will just come from jealousy. Look at it from another angle. It's a compliment to you. You trust the partner, so there is no reason to fear.

To build trust and strengthen the connection, the time spent together must be well-used. Work on connecting, on small things, attention, showing love, hugging and respect.
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