Thursday, March 14, 2019

How Physics Is Embedded At Every Scale?

Physics is the sub-discipline of science. It mainly speaks about the study of nature at every scale ranging from microscale to macroscale. It verbalises the mathematical beauty of infinite phenomenon in and around us from subatomic level to cosmos. Let me share some of my conversation with Physics to you.

I was sitting on a chair. Physics came to me. Told me some uncommon truths. It said I’m not just sitting idol here doing nothing. I’m actually wrestling against earth’s gravity, and I’m not still, I’m actually spinning at the rate of 1000 miles per hour. Not only that, actually it is even faster - 67,000 miles per hour if you count rotation of the earth around the sun. Or I just may not be here. I may be just the accidental collision of two energy waves in one of the many many universes in a fraction of a second.

After this conversation, Physics turned out to be more of thinking to me through its lens. The world seems beautiful there is an obsession for simplicity in physics and symmetry became the key. It unites things together in its own algorithm of transformation. A diamond is the same as a square. A circular motion is also an oscillation when viewed from a different dimension. Mass is energy times space. Almost everything is everything else except the rules of physics which seems to remain the same/unchanged.

A circle is a circle, when iterated over multiple time or million times give everything else. In fact, everything is a circle if you think about it. At least in a hypothetical two-dimensional world. Its the dream of every physicist to find the circle of our complex universe. If it exists it will be the fundamental law, that describes all physical phenomena like- deformations, stress, strain, bulk modulus, the formation of matter etc

The concept that maintains its integrity throughout, without any transformation. Perhaps you can say itsa equation that is used to design this universe. Does it really exist? People have been looking for this mysterious circle for centuries. Every time we think we are close we are only mistaken, celestial bodies are not spheres. Gravity does not fit in with other fundamental forces and quantum physics is famously ambiguous. The optics are really a transparent opaque. The angle of incidence is the key on which plenty of optical activities depends on.

It feels like every time I take step back from physics, all its particles, and equations. I’m just totally stuck with millions of questions or unsolved mysteries. About how nature enjoys being totally imperfect and asymmetrical. Is there any simple, elegant, fundamental law which explains everything? What is this schizophrenia character, which held two totally opposite things to be one? But these are part of us, part of this universe. How can we live without it?

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