Sunday, March 24, 2019

How to Recognize Fuel Pump Failure in Your Car

Your vehicle runs with the help of the fuel pump that is the major part of the fuel injection system. Without the fuel pump, the fuel can’t reach the engine, and hence it will simply not get started. Though not a regular complaint, but fuel pump failure does happen, especially when your vehicle has aged a bit. The most troublesome part of this entire issue is that this part is not easy to replace. But at the same time, the best part of it is that, the car will start sending you a few alerts to let you know, that things are not right at the end of the fuel injection system, so you get some buffer time in hand to fix the issue, before it makes you stranded at the most unpredictable and unprepared stage.

How the Fuel Pump works

As observed while a visit to the nearest Concord Chevrolet, the fuel pump is mostly located right inside the fuel tank attached to a floating part of the electrical connections that is there to update you how much fuel is still left in the tank, or when it is low. The pump works by sucking up the fuel and sending it through the lines to the injectors, to measure the proper quantity required for the action of combustion. To stay sound, the pump needs to be met with the specifications for fuel volume suggested by the manufacturer. It is more likely to fail, if those standards are ignored.

How to Diagnose a Fuel Pump Failure

It is always recommendable to hire a professional help for any trouble in your car. But for those who do not want to give up easily, there are some ways to diagnose the issue and reduce the workload and bill amount in the repair shop.

The alert systems in your car will first notify you whenever the fuel pressure is low, or else you can guess it if you face problems to startyour car, like it can crank longer than usual before stating toignite, or the key needs to be turned on and off for several times to build up the necessary pressure. Sometimes it may start the engine, but you get to face a rough idling time or experience a stuttering especially if you are driving up the hills or are constantly upon acceleration. If the fuel tank is damaged, your car simply might come to a dead stop or not accelerate its usual way.

How to Fix it Up

In few vehicle models there can be an externally placed or easy-to-reach pumps, but in most of the vehicles the pumps are place deep inside the tank that indicates you need to bring down the entire tank to change it.this surely cannot be done by a non-professional, as it requires the relevant tools and measures. So you need to visit a trustable service center like that of the Concord Chevrolet dealership, for the replacement done. But for the replacement, the only advice to be given is not being thrifty or go for aftermarket parts. Even if the replacement is not from the car brand manufacturer, it surely needs tomatch with the given specs in order to work for the coming years.

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