Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Learn to choose your new home well

Trade a house is not amazing that is done each day. It is a decision that we have to take very calmly and assessing all the elements well ; Laws, materials or trends are factors that evolve over time and that condition our choice.

Tips for decorating your house

It never hurts to take into account the possibilities of reform and decoration of our future home. It is always interesting to make an exercise of imagination, colors and styles to be able to make the most of our future home. We leave you a series of tips so that you have in mind the decoration when it comes to choosing your next house well.

Keys when choosing your ideal home:

Make your wish list and needs

Make a list of wants and needs to go marking the requirements that meet each of the homes you are going to visit. So you can compare and especially make the first screen.

Calculate your budget

Ø  How much money do I have?
Ø  How much money can you lend me?
Ø  How much am I willing to spend?
Ø  By answering these questions you can determine the range in which your budget will be adjusted.

Search in all possible ways


You have a lot of portals to choose from but even if you visit many it is essential that you lived the main ones, since they have the majority of the real estate offer nowadays. What is interesting here is that you set up your filters with the criteria you are looking for so that once a day they send you an email with all the ads that comply with them.

Real Estate

You have many real estate agents in houses for sale in Holyhead‌‌   that can help you but make sure they work as you like. A good real estate agency will be responsible for making an economic study to suit you, a market study with all the homes that meet your criteria, give your opinion based on your knowledge and assessment and make the economic valuation of each property, negotiate with the owners and present your proposal, even seek financing (although this point we will see in detail later), find out if the house has any hidden information or debts, prepare all paperwork with the notary, among many other things. 

On the other hand, Make sure that the real estate you choose works well by checking the opinions of clients in forums or internet by searching in Google "Opinions + the name of the real estate company". But above all, even if you think your fees are high, you may get it for free, since the money you save negotiating the price can be much higher than their fees

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