Thursday, March 7, 2019

Snaptube- the best video downloading app!

As the trend of mobile phone video watching, has grown exceptionally well in the past few years, people are gradually shifting to such alternatives that can help them in searching for a better solution of downloading and watching such interesting videos offline. Snaptube is one such prolific platform which is famous as YouTube video downloader; however, it has got multiple other features that people usually oversee. Designed for Android users, it allows you to download and watch YouTube videos, download and play music, and convert any video to multiple file types. However, the application can't be downloaded directly from the play store, it is still secure, highly useful and credible when it comes to instant video downloading.

Here are some amazing features of Snaptube

·         A simply customizable homepage- generally, Snaptube has got facebook, youtube, twitter and similar few apps placed on its homepage by default, but, you can easily customize the app by tapping upon the “+” box and changing adding or removing whatever you want to on the app's homepage.

·         It has a “Picture in Picture” mode which can keep the video on top- when you will start using Snaptube, you will realize that there are uncountable features that you can try out! One of these gives you the liberty to watch videos in a pop-up box. However, you have to activate this feature through settings. Just go in the settings feature and scroll till you see the picture in picture option. As you find it, click the box along the option and you can easily start having a great video watching experience.

·         Speeding up the video download procedure is really easy- if you are running on slow data speed, you can still make your downloads faster by changing a few settings and adjusting the app as per your phone or laptop’s compatibility.

·         Adding new video sites- Snaptube already supports a lot of apps or platforms such as youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc because of which you can easily view a lot of videos. However, in case you find out any other app which is even much useful and interesting than these video sites, you can easily add it up to your community by asking the app developers for doing so. Choose the red “+” button and then go on the suggested video site so that the app developers will plan to take your suggestions forward.

Snaptube for Android and PC

Well, after going through these amazing features, you would never neglect the benefits and amazing functions of the app for sure. The biggest benefit is that it works amazingly on both Android and Pc therefore, you can download it for any platform. To download the videos, you just have to find their links, copy the links and paste them in the snap tube’s search column. As soon as you do so, a download arrow will appear, just click on it and the app will show multiple compatible options in which the file can be downloaded. From MP3 to MP4 there is everything as per your convenience. So, download Snaptube today! 

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