Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The future of HRMS goes beyond payroll and attendance management

In the past couple of years, companies started to realise how important it is to think more in the direction of employee benefits. Better engagement and management plans are therefore the reason that the demand for robust HR software is increasing to a great extent. This is why the market and innovation in HR software is on the rise. The factors responsible for the same are many, but the two that have impacted the change most are the new generation of employees and digitalisation.

Earlier, the HR software were used and made specifically to cater some HR needs. There was payroll software for small business alongwith leave and attendance management software. Now the software has moved from on-premise to cloud to mobile. Insightful analytics, better user interface have made HRMS even better.

Now, HR software is not just limited to being payroll software for small business. The continuous and frequent transformations have made the HR software a perfect blend of automation and better employee experience. Let us see how.

Performance management metrics

The software has made employees a part of their assessment. Prior to this, the managers were the ones who knew the one who will be promoted or get a hike. Unknowingly, they used to get biased on the basis of their perception of the employee. But now, with clear set goals, and deadlines, employees and the managers are in a better position to analyse the performance of the employees. Give them feedback frequently, access them online. The employees are able to collaborate, share knowledge and do peer motivation. This makes them a part of the decision making process.

The mobile app

HR software that used to play the role of
payroll software for small business has now begun to transform the definition of workforce management. The cloud-based software have introduced their mobile app which has increased the accessibility to another level. The employees, managers and employers are now able to manage a lot on the go. The employees can now access their employee profile, make a request, check its status, access their timesheet, reach their colleagues in a matter of few clicks easily.

The analytics

The HR professionals are realising how important it is to analyse the behavioural skills of their employees so that they can predict the future of the organisation. And that is why software are coming up with a powerful set of people analytics. This helps them in deciding the set of steps they should take in order to retain the employees and keep them happy. The metrics related to performance, leave, attendance, paychecks etc help the employer in knowing which employees have the potential and which ones aren’t that reliable, which ones are showing signs of leaving the job soon and which ones are loyal to the company.

Do you still think HR software is limited to payroll and attendance? Let us know in the comments.

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