Thursday, March 14, 2019

Thing to refrain from when you are pregnant

Pregnancy is a time where the body encounters a lot of changes. But there are some activities that are forbidden during the second trimester of pregnancy.


For expectant mothers cycling is not a recommended activity. If you are an experienced rider you can continue till the second trimester. Once you progress in your stage of pregnancy the balance tends to shift that makes cycling a difficult task. In the lone pathways cycling may prove to be a difficult task.

  Evolving on the fact of pregnancy digestive system issues you need to refrain from it any cost. This has to be till the second trimester of your pregnancy

Aerobics at a high intensity level

The chances of damaging your joints or ligaments increase which you normally incorporate for balancing your body. You might be experienced in aerobics but it is suggested that you should not opt for till the second or third trimester. Here the ligaments are going to become lose and more prone to injuries.

Intense work

Yes you could term pregnancy as a time when you might have to take things a bit easy. If you are planning to exercise you can do it at your home or a nearby gym. It is suggested that you take part in light exercises with an air conditioner on. Keep the temperature below 102 degrees and the heart beat has to be below less than 140 beats per minute. In case if you are becoming exhausted then stop and take rest. Pretty much like pregnancy digestion medicine you need to take care at the earliest.

Snowboarding or downhill skiing

Both these type of activities are a strict no when you are pregnant. The reason being that you could end up losing your balance and chances of injuries or falls might occur. If you are really keen to try skiing then look out for gentle slopes.

Surfing, scuba diving or even water skiing

If you are surface over waters, chances could be that air bubbles might develop in your blood stream which could put the baby at a considerable risk. With all these activities you are going to increase the chances of injury or fall. But scuba diving can take toll on your baby in a negative way.


If you happen to be a regular tennis player till your first trimester of pregnancy you can play. Once you reach the second trimester of pregnancy, the body balance changes whereas the risk of a fall or injury increases.

Horse riding

This poses to be a dangerous activity that you need to keep away during pregnancy. The risk of falls increase and you might not even be aware on how a horse will go on to react.

To be physical active during pregnancy is important as it might prevent unnecessary complications developing in the future. But this does not pose you the freedom to undertake any activity as per your choice. Exercise a word of caution in terms of movements after your first trimester.

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