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Tips In Choosing The Right Lipstick Shade

When we think about makeup, lipstick is one of the first things that come into our mind. This can definitely add color to the look that you are going for. A well-chosen lipstick shade can make a huge difference in enhancing your facial features. However, when you do not pick the right shade correctly, it can destroy everything.

This is why before you buy LancĂ´me lipstick online in Malaysia, learn how to choose the right lipstick shade. Here are some tips that can help you along the way:

Identify The Shape Of Your Lips

The shape of your lips can greatly affect your lip color choice. This is where you can play around with the colors to make sure that you have a balanced look. For example, if you have top-heavy lips, opt for bright lipstick colors for the bottom of your lips while a slightly darker shade for your upper lip. But if you have bottom heavy lips, you can choose any color for your undertone and add a bit of light nude color at the center of your upper lip. Whereas if you have asymmetrical lips, do the magic using a lip pencil in the same lipstick shade that you will be using to outline your lips.

Your Lip Size

If you happen to have thin lips, just avoid dark and very flashy colors because they can make your lips look thinner. What you can do is try using glosses or creamy lipsticks to emphasize your lips. For women with plump limps, stop using too light or glossy lipstick shades as well as those with glittery textures.

Your Skintone Matters

Determining your skin tone is the very first step when you are choosing the lipstick color for you. Remember that we have fair, light, medium, tan, and deep skin complexions. Here are the lipstick shades for each skin tone:

       Fair Or Light: Nude, Peach, Pink, Coral, and Red.
       Medium: Mauve or Berry colors.
       Tan: Deep Pink, Bright Red, Coral, and other colors except for brown and purple shades.
       Deep: Brown, Wine, Plum, as well as Blue-Based Red.

Know Your Skin Undertone

Now that you know your skin tone, your knowledge about your skin undertone will also guide you in choosing your lipstick color. There are three types of skin undertone: Warm, Cool, and Neutral.

       Cool Undertones
      Fair or Light skin tones can use mocha or nude.
      Medium skin can use pink or cranberry lipstick colors.
      Tan or Deep skin can choose wine or ruby lipstick shades.

       Warm Undertones
      Fair and Light skin can pick pale pink and peachy nudes.
      Medium, Tan, or Deep Skin can choose bronze or copper shades.

       Neutral Undertones
      Women with neutral undertone can choose any lip color from cool and warm tones.

Match With Your Hair Color

Your hair color will matter when choosing your lipstick. Here’s the general rule that you can use as your basis:

       Dark Hair + Fair/Light Skin: Use pink or plum shades.
       Dark Hair + Tan/Deep Skin: Choose beige to bronze colors.
       Blond Hair + Fair/Light Skin: Pink shades or scarlet lip colors.
       Blond Hair + Tan/Deep Skin: Opt for Caramel or light pink lipsticks.
       Brown Hair + Medium Skin: Use pinks and coral shades.
       Red Hair +  Fair Skin: Choose pink shades, coral, or burnt sienna lipstick colors.

Now that you have these factors considered, choosing the right lipstick would not be that difficult anymore. Still, it is best to try any shade as much as possible for you to get the right lipstick color depending on your taste and personality.

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