Sunday, April 21, 2019

Coming to a Conclusion about Car Idling

There has been a dispute going on since decades, whether or not you should allow some idling time for your car engine. While some people believe that this idling of car engine will help in warming up the engine, others argues that it does nothing good but sucks up all your fuel. 

Experts have been working hard on this issue to come out with a solution and establish this either as a solution or negate it as a myth. However, till then the issue doesn’t get a proper attention so that it can reach all the drivers across the world, the habit of letting their vehicle get “warmed up” or enjoy some idle time before driving. What more, some drivers even do not care about the environment and keeps the engine on even when they are waiting for a long signal queue to get cleared, or when the car has been pulled aside to have a small break from a long drive.

So, is it a good habit to make the engine idle for some time before you head towards your destination? Does it really help the engine in any way? Well, our questions and doubts were finally answered by the experts we accidentally met at the Moreno Valley Volkswagen service center during a routine checkup of our new Volkswagen car.

What we Learned

The experts explained that today’s cars are built following the latest technologies that are readily made to start driving all of a sudden even in extreme cold temperatures without having the requirement to exercise excessive idling time.

They further explained the fact that unless someone is trying to defrost the windshield of the car or warm up the interior cabin to make it ready to welcome the occupants, in plain language, idling is not necessary at all.

According to these experts, in most cases, imposing an idling time more than 30 seconds longer is unnecessary. On the contrary, they suggested that to warm up the car’s engine the best way is to drive at a slow speed at the beginning. So, if you are driving a car that is not older than three to four years, you need not idle the engine for warming up the vehicle before a drive. They even warned us that a vehicle gets down to score zero miles per gallon during the idling time and frequent events like this will result is lower fuel economy that will do nothing but wasting your money.

A Look Back at the Theory

But why did this idea of idling the engine came into existence at all, if nothing is benefitted from it? Theexpert’s team who visited the VW dealership near Moreno Valley explained, that this idea of idling the car engine before starting the drive dates back to the time when cars were usually built with the help of carburetors. That was a mechanism that used oils that thickened with the drop of temperature, so it needed to get warmed up if you are starting your car after few days in a cold night or at the wee hours of the day.

But with the new fuel-injection technology, that involves complex computer systems to operate the engine and thinner synthetic oils, the modern engines don’t need to be warmed up before hitting the road.

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