Friday, April 26, 2019

Designing A Storage Unit - Single or Multi-Story?

Are you going to start up a self storage business? Then the first thing you need to look for is the land and then you need to plan how to design your storage. Today due to less availability of land and huge raise in the prices, storage owners are concentrating on the designing part to reduce the land investments and to expand the construction. Here are some of the points, where the facility owners need to concentrate for an effective design of the storage units Milwaukee.

1. Property location: Make sure your land for construction is at a perfect location. Decide how many square feet you wish to place in the market and what the unit mix would be. Check if the property has slope.

2. Visibility: Your property should gain the attention from the public easily. This may reduce your marketing investments.

3. Constructability: Make sure your plan is perfect. For Multi-story buildings, lower floors should be made stronger to support the upper ones. Limit the length of the building to less than four floors.

4. Traffic flow at the location: Your property should not create traffic or any parking related issues. Make sure there is sufficient place available for parking at your storage unit.

Below are the frequently used techniques for self storage construction.

1. Single-story
2. Multi-story

Single-story Design: Single-story units are the most common type of storage facilities. These are simple structures with flexible designs and reasonable to build. Storage owners prefer these constructions because of the easy access inherent to Single-story buildings and their good visibility. These also provide the customers a variety of structures to fill their storage needs. Construction cost for single story will be comparatively less when compared to multi stored buildings, since they do not require elevators and other equipment. Multi-story Design: Due to the huge rise in the land prices and unavailability of lands, now-a-days there is a huge demand to multi-story storage facilities. Multi-story facilities not only reduce the land and effort in construction but also provide an enormous visibility. Multi-story constructions are most popular for climate control. They provide access through interior hallways and elevators.

Due to many reasons storage owners are paying attention in converting their Single-story buildings to Multi-story.

1. To easily access and to reduce the land cost in expanding their business at urban areas.
2. To increase the customer satisfaction. These are usually available in urban areas where people have storage issues and heavy traffic.
3. To maintain the standard rates and quick leasing.
4. To reduce the parking issues at the storage unit.
5. To invest more on a single property which offers higher barrier to entry.
6. To reduce the amount of time and effort in building.

However, the construction costs remain the same for single or multi-story designs. Availability of land and ability to investment on lands make the actual difference in choosing the self storage design. Any user-friendly, safe and secured environment housed in a pleasing location, well designed building will help to achieve strong-willed facility in the society.

A great self storage tip is to make a list of every item in storage and the box number it is residing in. Keep this list pinned to the inside wall of your unit as you enter for quick and easy reference when searching for a particular item.You never want to have anything you are storing be at risk of damage or being stolen, and you won't have to when you choose a quality storage facility. Be sure to keep the benefits of a good storage unit in mind if you are looking to keep your items safe and sound.

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