Friday, April 19, 2019

How to Clean Your Home Deeply?

A brightly cleansed, arranged house is a result of a well-organized large storage. Here's how to start doing that and help you with it...

It is customary for Easter to be welcomed in a glittering, thoroughly arranged house, and if you start in time, you will not wait for the holidays to have a clean home.

This guide is divided into days, but depending on the size of the apartment or house you are preparing, you will only determine how much you really need. More useful than the time calculation in this guide is the schedule of jobs because you will be able to perform one at a time without turning around "in the circle" that often happens to inexperienced home owners.

Clean all the edges of the ceilings, the corners of the walls, the chandeliers - use a broom with a longer handle. If you have blinds, be sure to clean them, and check also the terraces, the roofs, the beams - all are parts in which the spiders are happy to knit their net.

Cleaning drapes and washing curtains

Take off all the draperies, spray dust and wash or take for dry cleaning. First drain the curtains, remove any stains, and wash them manually or mechanically, depending on the material from which they are made. Curtains made of cotton fabrics or mixtures of fibers are washed in a machine, at a lower temperature, with a very low centrifuge. Wash the curtains manually, do not stretch them and stiffen them too much, let them unwind on the dryer and place them on a flat surface to dry. The curtains are best hung in slightly moist.


Wipe dust from chandeliers, books, ornaments and shelves. The best dust-erasing agent is, in the opinion of many, a microfiber cloth. For less affordable parts, use a powder that you have washed and dried after bathing. Establish your system to cross all the surfaces. Professionals usually start from the entrance to the room and move in the direction of the clock movement. In doing so, always start from the top - for example, most shelves, to the bottom. In the end, wipe the dust off the plants using a soft damp cloth.

Suction of floors and carpets

You may have to repeat this job, but it is necessary if you want to clean these places deeply and perfectly. To make sure the vacuum cleaner is doing the best it can, change the bag and clean all the filters. For safety reasons, make sure the plug is put securely in the socket and do not pull the vacuum cleaner by any means, so that the cable becomes taut. Do not buy items such as fasteners, hairpins, small toys... they can cause congestion and overheating of the vacuum cleaner, and even shorten its working life.

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