Sunday, April 21, 2019


How much is your data worth? Over the years, there were clients who came for hard drive data recovery toronto, sometimes over 10, with an old disk they were carefully guarding if they needed them sometimes. Sometimes the data is priceless! Do you need a data recovery service?

The data is like books, so books are worth less today than before. The Internet has somewhat overcome them. First of all, professional, then the encyclopedia, the dictionaries and ultimately fiction. Only ten years ago, the favorite books were to be kept, not only for emotional reasons, because of our devoted consent, or for some third reason, but because of the simple fact - where can you find it if you want to read it again?

Analogy follows - where to find a photo from a vacation that was put on a medium? If you do not have a physical copy and there is no backup, the only option is a lab that provides a rescue service !?
There are customers who save photos from optical media that are mostly illegible and an external hard drive that was canceled after five years or more. And then they combined those from one medium to another in whole. And experts are sometimes not able to save everything. Most yes, but some of them are forever lost.

In some cases, data can be reconstructed. From paper documents, by typing. Technique thousands of years old! It justdecides whether something will be reconstructed or saved. The price is the one that most often decides, less the time it takes for the reconstruction to take place. It depends of course on quantity.

For those who track statistics, both about data loss and those of rescue, there is a possibility to get a package that is there to prevent it either from losing or not, or if it comes, saving the data will be convenient or even free of charge depending on the type of service. In the end, what is most important - that rescue data is possible!

When companies offered several years ago the possibility of a rescue plan for the data you are buying when the disc of the whole story complicated further, and in the world of large capital of the consumer protection company "overlooked" the possibility of manipulation. Other manufacturers like Western Digital decided to partner with certain providers.

It is a question that at a time when cars can be controlled from the other end of the world through a computer why it is not possible to corrupt the disk also at a distance and whether there is any measure of security or not? Or protection?Especially when one and the same company is responsible for the device and for eventual recovery. On the one hand this seems convenient? Got a disk and you want some protection?

The decision is up to you, find us on Google and Factual.

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