Thursday, April 18, 2019

Major varieties of chocolates

There are very few people who do not like chocolates. That is why; chocolates are something which is not only common but very popular among both children and adults.

People love having chocolates as gift from their loved ones. One can also buy chocolates online because there are plenty of varieties that are available these days. Here are some basic varieties of chocolates.

Dark Chocolate

They are named as dark chocolate because they contain very less or no milk at all. They are mainly made by mixing cocoa solids, sugar and fat. These chocolates mostly have cocoa solids of at least 35 percent or more. Due to absence of milk, these chocolates are dark brown in colour and they are sometimes also known as black chocolates. There are varieties of dark chocolates which are used for baking and cooking. The percentage of cocoa varies in dark chocolates. They can range for 35 percent to more than 70 percent as well. The more the cocoa, the bitter the taste of the chocolate is.

Milk Chocolate

They are the most popular kind of chocolates available in the market. They are mostly available for commercial consumption. As the name suggests, they are mainly made with milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa solids and some vanilla flavouring. These milk bars are very favourite and common among the children.

 White Chocolate

This is a very sweet variety of chocolate. It is unique because no cocoa solids are used to make this chocolate. So, this one is considered to be a derivative of chocolates. They are mainly made from a mixture of milk, sugar and cocoa butter. Due to absence of cocoa powder and use of milk, these chocolates mainly appear to be white or light yellowish in colour. The colour appears to be this because of the presence of melting cocoa butter as well. But white chocolates do not have much anti oxidant properties like the other traditional varieties of chocolates.

Unsweetened Chocolate

They are also known as the baking chocolates. The unsweetened chocolates are mainly produced with the addition of sugar and so it maintains mostly its original flavour which can be very rich. But these chocolates are not very bitter. One can also ass milk and sugar to transform unsweetened chocolates to milk chocolates. They are mainly used for baking purposes.

Semisweet Chocolate

They are technically a variety of dark chocolates. But as the name says they are semi sweet, it means that they have sugar in them (in dark chocolates it is not necessary to have sugar) along with the cocoa solids. There is another variation called bitter sweet chocolates which has more cocoa solids and a little amount of sugar in it. Both of these variations are mainly used for cooking and baking purposes.

Compound Chocolate

As the name says they are made from the combination of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, coconut oil, vegetable oil and other hydrogenated fats.

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