Sunday, April 14, 2019

Things to Consider When Searching for A Reputable Gold Dealer in Brisbane

If you want to invest in gold you've probably wondered which form of gold bullion to buy: coins or bars. The coins vs. bars debate is an ongoing one. Some believe that it boils down to personal choice but the truth is: if you want to pay the lowest price per ounce, gold bars are a sensible choice. Coins may be attractive and if you are buying gold because you want to start a coin collection or add to one that would matter. The attractiveness of gold coin, the intricate designs and fancy packaging comes at a price.

As you look for where to buy gold bullion Brisbane consider this:

·         Gold bars have lower premiums than gold coins.  You get more ounce for your money than you would with gold coins.

·         Gold bars are easier to store. A 1kg gold bar would take up less space than the same number of kilograms of coins.

·         Gold bars are portable, liquid and will last forever.

Gold Bar Brands Matter

It's important to buy gold bars with recognized hallmarks. These hallmarks are a guaranty that you are getting high quality gold bars from reputable mints. A high quality, reputable god bar should have stamps showing its weight, purity name of refiner, and a registration number. These marketing are important. If you buy gold bars without recognized hallmarks or bars from private mints, you won't know what you are buying. It will be a hassle to sell these later without having them assayed.

Tip: Look for hallmarks listed in the LMBA's Good Delivery Bars list

The LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) plays a big role in the bullion markets. LBMA certified or Good Delivery status is given to companies that meet the strict standards set by the London Bullion Market Association. The association is the base for some of therichest gold traders in the world, including refiners, investment funds and banks. The LBMA has been regulating the bullion market since 1980. They set the purity standards..So as you go about looking at Where to Buy Gold Bullion Brisbane on the internet, start by looking for dealers who are on the Good Delivery list.

Look for a buyer who has plenty of positive feedback and who is not pushy, is generally worth considering. Perhaps the best indication of a reputable buyer is their willingness to educate you about investing in gold. You should go with a buyer who is not push you to make a purchase without considering your needs. 

How can you tell that you are dealing with a reputable dealer? There are a couple of things you can look out for:

#1. Look out for the Trustpilot logo and give preference to dealers with the most experience. By all means, look at the reviews but more important note the number of repeat customers - this is an indication of a good experience. Pushy sales people will try and sell you the most expensive gold bars.

#2. Look at the variety and volume of gold products they sell. Dealers that have larger volumes are flexible and they usually carry a wide selection of products. Small dealers may have a limited selection of products and they may not be able to handle large orders. Find out about their shipping and delivery times. Buyers who cannot deliver within 4 days of your payment should be avoided.

#3. Choose a dealer with a buyback policy. It is helpful for the dealer to be around when you do need to sell.  You won't go through the tedious process of assaying since he would be the dealer who sold you the gold to begin with.

#4. Choose a dealer with multiple forms of payment. Cash is and always be king. Cheque or bank transfer should be fine. Keep in mind that your gold can only be shipped or collected once your payment has been received and cleared.

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