Monday, April 29, 2019

Why You Need A Tree Survey

A tree survey is a type of survey that identifies trees and the environment that its in. The survey provides detailed information about the type of tree, the measurements, the age, its health, and recommendations. What can you do with it? You can use it as a means to help you decide on the future of the tree in your property. Either you move it, cut it or keep it, it all depends on you. Aside from that, it also gives an idea of what the land property is good for.

Although in some regions it's optional, in some regions it's mandatory. Why is it mandatory? Because such a survey can help protect the tree from accidentally being cut down. There's no question on the benefits of the trees, thus proper tree management through the survey is essential. But as an individual how can you actually benefit from such a survey?

It can help keep your trees healthy: Knowing about the health of the tree helps in determining the course of action on what to do with the tree. It helps to keep your tree in tip-top shape. As you know there are many possibilities as to why your tree will suddenly die out since there are diseases and insects that can possibly damage your tree and the survey can help prevent or fix that.

Prevent possible property damage: Following a natural disaster, a hurricane or any calamities, the tree needs to be assessed for safety no matter how big and no matter how sturdy the tree is. It needs to be inspected for safety purposes because the last thing that you want to happen is that tree falling down on your property or someone.

Give a tree safety guidelines during construction: As mentioned above, the survey prevents any accidental cutting of the trees. This covers all parts of the tree including its roots. This gives information to the construction company on what precautions they need to do in order not to accidentally cut the trees in their surroundings.

What to look for: The survey isn't just done by any random person. It's done by expert tree surveyor or arborist. Its because its scope and its effects are essential not just for the maintenance but for safety as well. In that regard, the survey:

     Should be certified
     The surveyor should have experience
     Should be recommended
     Should be licensed
     Should be reasonably priced
     Should not take a long time

Can help increase the value of the property: When it comes to selling the property it should be perfect because anything that you can add on the entire property can help add value to the property and any imperfections can cause a reduce value. The survey can help one decide to either keep the tree or cut it down.

A tree survey is not just a simple survey, it's done by experts and gives an extensive report that not just affects the whole tree but also its surroundings as well. The scope is not just for the tree but also for the safety of your property and know what you need to do to keep the tree or cut the tree. Aside from that, it serves as a guide for construction not to hit the tree especially its roots during constructions. If you wish to know more, click the link.

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