Thursday, May 2, 2019

Can your new employer know that you were fired?

If this is the question that you are asking yourself then the answer is going to disappoint you very much. Yes, your current employer can easily get to know whether or not you have been fired from your previous job. Or any job for that matter. There are companies who offer to conduct background verification processes on behalf of the employer. These companies unearth details that exist in your career life and probably has been long forgotten.

Whether you are working for an advertising agency or you are going to work for the government, it really does not matter. Employee verification is a strict code and it is present in all of the industries. The tenant screening and employment verification in charge is going to take an in-depth analysis of the work that you had done in the previous company. Your experience and behavior are going to go matter a lot. This is done by a detailed analysis by the verification company working o the employer’s end before hiring you.

Employment verification status

Hiring a candidate takes a lot of planning and organization. Thus, there is a clear result of the employer’s part that they want dedicated employees with strong career grounds. Even if you are starting off as a fresher, there are certain factors which will be accountable in decision making. If a candidate does not match this set bar then they are going to be fired from their jobs. These are in fact some of the most common scenarios. Employers often get unreliable job seekers who try to lie and manipulate the entire committee to pursue their benefit. Hence, a pre-employment screening process can eradicate all the false promises of a candidate and help the brand to find its next best employee.

Studying the technicalities

So, whenever a candidate appears for an interview session, he or she has to go through many rounds. All of these rounds are to ascertain whether there are any grave flaws and if so, how much is its extent. If the employer figures that a candidate is perfect for their company, the then have to appear for a session with the hr. The hr round eventually confirms whether or not the candidate will be selected for the job.

If everything happens to go on smoothly, then the technical screening will further be forwarded to the employment background check team or company. Once this company receives the pursuit, they are going to analyze and check on the documents that you have.

Now, even if the document does not come in clear, they are going to go forward with the other options of checking the education qualification. There is also another process where they are going to compare the details against your degree schools. Similarly, in this manner, a background screening company in thailand is going to check out what your old employers have to say about you. What kind of a record do you really hold with them? This is going to give in to the notion as in what image do you have all throughout your career field.

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