Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Clay Modeling: The Design Secret of Stunning Mazda Designs

When we something beautiful and unique, it silently announces that the making of this beauty had been more unique than the thing in itself. Mazda car designs are no exception to this simple theory. And if you get the opportunity to speak to any Mazda designer, they will reveal the most amusing fact that at Mazda, they start the design job with clay modelling just the way the children learn to make things through play doughs. If you need to know how it all goes around, you can ask the experts who serve at the Henderson car dealer who specialize in selling Mazda cars and are proud to explain the entire process involved in designing each Mazda model.

The Unique Theory of Clay Modeling in Automotive Designing

Even at this era of digital technology, a universal automotive brand like Mazda is still carries on the tradition of creating car model designs using handmade modeling of clay. At Mazda it is the job of the designer or modeler to transform the design idea into a three-dimensional automotive product using modeling clay. With the help of this process, the journey of the design making takes a bigger turn to reality.


The clay modeler at Mazda needs to take special care about all the adjustments to make so that it finally be able to reflect the light and look beautiful. If anything goes wrong especially with the surface, the light will not reflect back smoothly. At that point of time, the clay modeler needs to fine-tune the finish of the surface with the help of aluminum film repeatedly, till it gets the desired effect.

Using Digital Technology

It is not that the clay modelers at Mazda are absolutely disconnected from the digital designing process. Rather while making the proposals of a particular design, they take the help of digital representation till the design gets accepted by the higher authority. But in any case, the clay modelers who are part of the design team of Mazda have to constantly be in the pursuit of increasing the beauty of the final sculpted form of the vehicle. The clay modelers have to attain that perfection in their clay modeling skill, that the form will be able to speak for itself. If one can present a form that overall gets appreciation from everyone, it is held as sure that the said design will contribute to the design lineup along with the implementation of the entire process, with the support of premium quality materials.

Fusion of Latest Technology and Brilliant Ideas

As explained in detail by the experts serving at a Las Vegas car dealer, it becomes essential for all the clay modelers of Mazda to collaborate their designs with its digital form, and hence with the digital designers.This is done to create perfectly tuned 3-D models that can imbibe all the latest digital technology that starts taking its first steps through clay modeling. This collaboration moves in a cycle, to create an attractive design that can appeals to the hearts of million people across the globe.           

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