Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Cost of Lung Transplant in India

Lung transplant is the process for replacing the diseased lung with the help of artificial lung to get rid of all sorts of lung disorders. Any lung disease may lead to severe consequences on overall health. If you do not undergo the lung transplantation, it may prove to be fatal. It is a complicated surgery, and only experienced doctors can perform the transplant procedure successfully.

From last few years, India is famous for successful lung transplantation surgeries. Looking at the success rate, it has become the top choice for lung transplantation. It is all because of the availability of top doctors and surgeons in the country.

 A Guide About Lung Transplantation in India:

Lungs Treatment in India is in its golden era. The surgeons take pride in the accomplishment of almost all the surgeries successfully. Though it started late in India, yet it is gaining popularity. The credit goes to use of latest technique and advanced technology.

It has highly reduced the chances of failure ofsurgeries. Most of the doctors here have received their training from highly developed countries like the US and the UK. Apart from education, the surgeons have undergone training for organ transplantation from the top institutions of the world. They also possess exposure in performing a considerable number of complex surgeries throughout their practise period.

 If you consider the overall rate of success for lung transplantation, it is approximately 50%. But if you talk specifically about India, the success ratio is above 70%. India ranks third in performing the maximum number of lung transplantation across the globe with minimum surgical failures.

All these positive factors are attracting patients from different parts of the world. In short, India has become a centre of trust for gaining satisfactory medical services. Apart from this, the most promising and convincing reason that attracts medical tourists is the Lung Cleaning Surgery Cost in India.

The price of lung transplant in the country starts from USD 65,000, which is one-third of the amount of treatment in developed countries. Who would not like to avail the best quality treatment at economical prices? Undergoing the process of lung transplantation in India, you can get back to your routine life within six months. However, the recovery time may vary from one patient to another, depending on various aspects. It highly depends upon the overall physical health of the patient and also the response of an individual to the healing process.


The life of the surgery may be different for different individuals. The better your lifestyle, higher would be lasting. To avoid surgery failure, you ought to say no to your drinking and smoking habits. Also, you have to maintain a balanced diet. Including physical exercises in your daily regime will help you to remain fit for a longer duration.

So, the success of lung transplantation surgery is not only dependent on a surgeon, but it also depends on the patient. If you are ready to adopt a healthy lifestyle, then you can take up with the surgery, and the top surgeons of India can certainly help you to get a new life.

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