Thursday, May 16, 2019

Get amazed by the new launch MG Hector

Are you looking for buying the amazing car for yourself that is having all the latest and amazing features? Then can refer to the below given MG Hector which is one of the most amazing car that you can buy for yourself and your family. To know more about it refer to the below-given information about MG Hector features and price.

MG Hector price - The MG hector price, is different for a different set of models. However, then  MG hector price is around 15 lakhs can be increased or decreased depending upon the circumstances. 

Interiors features of MG Hector

The MG Hector is equipped with the mesmerizing interiorsand is launched with the monotone interiors, that are equipped with the  LED lights to provide efficient lighting in the room. The SUV is equipped with the 10.4-inch touch screen that displays all the information like speed, location, Maps, etc. The SUV is also equipped with large dashboards and boot space that offers enough space in the car. The car is also equipped with high-quality audio systems to offer entertainment to the passengers.

  The engine of MG Hector

 When it comes to  MG Hector engine, then it offers a power of 170[email protected] 3750rpm and displacement of around 1956cc. The engine offers a mileage of around 17 to 21kmpl, with a torque of around 350Nm @1750rpm. The engine of this car is around 2.0-liter diesel engine with 16V multijet. Also, the engine offers automatic transmission to the car which offers the mileage of around 12 to 14kmpl with the petrol engine. The diesel engine of the SUV offers a mileage of around 16 to 18kmpl.

Safety features of  MG Hector 

The MG Hector is one of the best SUVs which has launched with following safety features like the seats are adjustable and are equipped wit 

h airbags to offer more safety to the passengers, the car is launched with the child and power door lock to offer safety to the kids. The adjustable power steering offers a comfortable and safe drive. Moreover, the car is having
a smart keyless entry and anti-theft alarm system which offers more safety to the passengers. Auto Site

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For the ones who are not aware of the new launch this year. And to buy,  one of the amazing cars, they can refer to MG Hector. To  Know about it in detail refer to the below-given information, describing the  MG Hector features and price. Top Savings on used mini clubman cars on CarSite

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