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Purchasing Wood Chisels for Woodworking

It’s simple to pay way too much money on the faulty wood chisels. After many months you may find that an “affordable” woodworking chisel does not work as well as you had expected. This brief purchasing guide is designed to assist you to save money and bypass the mistakes of buying the incorrect woodworking chisels. I’ll talk regarding the 3 types of wood chisels that you require to purchase to get started with basic popular woodworking: Mortising Chisels, Bench Chisels, plus Paring Chisels. I’ll also share my suggestions and what brands of wood chisels to choose from.

Types of Wood Chisels:

Before you begin into my woodworking chisel purchasing guide, I want to explain a couple of points about wood chisel classes. The primary type of wood chisels that you’ll need to buy when first getting commenced in traditional woodworking is mortise chisels, bench chisels, also paring chisels.

 There is another specialty chisel, similar to carving chisels & gouges, Japanese chisels, woodturning tools, dovetail chisels, fishtail chisels, etc. But we’ll talk about those practice chisels later. In this buying, guides, I focus mostly on essential woodworking hand tools. Hereabouts are the primary three varieties of wood chisels:


Further spelled “mortice chisel,” specific chisels are utilized for massive chopping of mortises. Popular types of mortise chisels constitute “Pigsticker” Mortise Chisels, “Sash” Mortise Chisels, moreover “Registered” Mortise Chisels.  


These chisels are multi-purpose woodworking chisels that are used so frequently that they habitually “sit on the bench” plus are used for chopping including paring the wood. Bench chisels can be formed as firmer, bevel edge, or registered.


Paring chisels are extra delicate chisels utilized for paring or precise slicing of the timber. Paring chisels have smaller steel and are customarily sharpened with a flat angle to aid in paring end-grain including other delicate grain. Paring chisels should nevermore be struck with a mallet, just only practiced with the hands.

Wood Chisel Handles: “Tang Chisels” or  “Socket Chisels”?

Wood chisels have to be connected to their handles so you can operate with them. They are constructed to attach by both a “socket” either “tang.” A socket chisel has the cone-shaped chisel arm fit into the element socket of the knife. Tang chisels have a sharp metal tang that is connected inside the wood chisel handle:

A socket chisel versus a tang chisel on a woodworking workbench

For your initial wood chisel set I suggest that you look for socket style chisels:

Wood chisel socket manages in focus on a woodworking workbench with ancient socket chisels obscured in the foreground.

Socket chisel arms are much more strong than tang handles. Socket chisels rest on top of the handle’s cone plus can take a critical beating, whereas Tang chisels sit inside a handle’s mortise also can split the wood holder if repeatedly struck hard somewhat with a mallet.

Woodworking Chisel Arms: Wood or Plastic Handles?

I prefer wooden arms because of the balance it provides to the chisel, furthermore also because of the fantastic feel and looks. Top-heavy synthetic handle chisels can be a tad cumbersome to practice.

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