Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Democracy, in its general definition, is a form of government in which the representatives are elected by the people. In the current scenario ,the world suggests democracy as the best form of government for it is people oriented. By Abraham Lincoln's quote i.e."Democracy is of the people ,by the people and for the people",It is crystal  clear that democracy is such a form of government that is designed to work for the citizens and look after their welfare and not just having power in one's hand and he is ruling the way he wants even if the  citizens don't like it.

 Well,as democracy is considered the best among all the forms of government, every country wants to possess a democratic government. But even now many countries are not democratic like  Libeya, Jordon, Iraq etc. However, there are various countries too that are undemocratic but shows itself to be democratic like China and Saudi Arabia. 

Where one side we talk about democratic rule in countries , on other side we too come to know that country wise the concept of democracy varies. For instance ,let us compare the democracy of India and Pakistan. We are acquainted to both of these countries and also know that both possess a democratic government but they act like two faces of the same coin. 

(1)From 19th century,  the idea of democracy had started to spread in the entire world. That was the time when India and Pakistan were democratic but during 2000 under Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan was overthrown by military coup and hence, democracy was destructed there. But India never faced such a situation and hence we can conclude that democracy in Pakistan was unstable but India has stabilises democracy.

(2) Despite being democratic, Pakistan still has military rule and people lack the power that they should get in democracy. Pakistani military officials have more powers than the Pakistani citizens while in India, people have more power than the leaders, if they find the leaders unfit or not working for their welfare, they can remove the leader through voting in the next election. 

(3)The most important factor that determines whether any country is truly democratic or not is the conduction of free and fair election. In India,the election is controlled by ballot but in Pakistan, the election is controlled by bullet. During elections, pakistani candidates practice dirty tricks to win the election.In India , there are various government officials who are put in duty to keep an eye on the candidates so that they cannot practice malpractices to win elections and even if someone is found guilty ,action is taken by the election commission. Hence India possess free and fair election but Pakistan doesn’t.

(4)Democracy is all about equality and in sense of democracy, Pakistan is in immature stage but India is in mature stage.

(5)Media's freedom also plays a crucial role in a democratic country. A country like Pakistan where the media  is censored  cannot be called democratic country on the other hand India has a media  which make people politically conscious and enables them to choose  right representatives among  all. Get the list of best places in India for photoshoot in the democratic country.

(6)Democracy is  also known for ensuring peace in a nation for it provides different methods to deal with various conflicts. Yes, democracy in India has given it a peaceful sight but on the other hand Pakistan, being democratic, is still vulnerable to excessive terrorism, which goes against the principle of democracy .People of Pakistan are themselves the agents of their destruction but this destruction is not just limited to the political boundaries of Pakistan  but also its neighbouring countries get preturbed by this. 

For a country proclaiming  itself as a democratic nation is not sufficient to make it a democratic nation rather both  it's  people and government must have an check on each other and both must work as hand in glove. If the government goes wrong the people have right to protest against it and if the people break laws the government must take an action. This only makes a sense of true democracy for any country. 

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