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What to do in case of morning sickness?

Pregnancy means one has to go through a lot of physical and mental changes in this tenure. Also there are few things that some women keep suffering from when they get pregnant.

Morning sickness is one such common thing which is faced by most of the women when they get pregnant. The prominent pregnancy morning sickness symptoms include vomiting and nausea which usually starts around the 6th week of pregnancy. This can happen mainly at the early hours of the day (hence the name morning sickness) and this seems to continue till the 12th week of pregnancy.

This morning sickness is not at all harmful to the baby or to the mother but if one tends to experience excessive vomiting or nausea and they cannot digest food at all then one may be suffering from a thing called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. This can be harmful to both mother and the baby and one should immediately see a gynaecologist for this. This is because; if they are left untreated, then the baby and the mother can suffer from lack of electrolyte imbalance and nutrients. So, going for immediate medical help is very much needed.

Morning Sickness Facts

Study says that more than 50 percent of women suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy. This refers to some nauseous feeling and this happens more prominently during the first trimester of pregnancy and this is resulted from the increase of hormones in a human body. This can be accompanied by vomiting and according to many doctors, having morning sickness can be a good sign because this means the placenta inside is developing well. There are some ways that can give some relief to morning sickness.

When one is suffering from morning sickness then they should:
·         Eat more small meals often.
·         Drink fluid only 30 minutes before or after the meals and not when taking the meals.
·         Drink very small amount of fluids so that one can avoid dehydration.
·         Eat whenever one feels like eating.
·         Eat soda crackers early in the morning.
·         Get plenty of rest and naps throughout the day.

·         Open the windows while cooking so that the food odour does not bother the body and senses.
·         Sniff some ginger or lemon or sip some lemonade when suffering from nausea. One can also eat watermelons during this time.

·         Do light exercises.
·         Try to avoid warm places.
When one is suffering from morning sickness then they should not:
·         Lie down immediately after eating.
·         Skip regular meals.
·         Eat or cook spicy food.
·         Ask the doctor for remedy.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

This is a kind of condition where one suffers from severe vomiting and nausea. Apart from that one also suffers from electrolyte disturbance and weight loss. In mild cases, they are treated with proper dietary measures, some antacids and rest. But in case of severe cases on needs to stay in a hospital and get treated properly.

Morning sickness early pregnancy should always be reported to the doctors.

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