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Career Opportunity with Interior Design Course

Interior design is a popular choice for persons who wish to foray into the field of design. This career is for those who are passionate about design and are basically endowed with creativity and artistic skills. Also, one must have great communication, management and networking skills.
What Is Interior Design

Interior design is basically shaping the look of an area to create a pleasing and aesthetic finish for clients.
 There are many areas of specialization  like residential (flats, houses, bungalows, boats and any place used as homes), workplaces (offices and factories), places for exhibitions (galleries, museums, public and private  settings), places for leisure (gyms, theatres, cinemas), commercial spaces (conference centres, warehouses, shopping malls and retail shops), hospitality sector (hotels, cafes, pubs, restaurants and night clubs), education (universities and schools) and facilities for health care (hospitals, local centres of healthcare, private clinics and nursing homes).
Steps in Interior Design

The first step is that of interior designing meet with clients to discuss needs, timing and budget. Next she must do some research (for creative ideas for space and also building regulations in the area).  Then she draws up a proposal including detailed outline and sketches of the design.
She also monitors time and cost such that they follow approved plan. The next step is one where she consults suppliers and contractors based on budget. Thus work commences along with on-site supervision by the interior designer. On completion of work, client is consulted on any issues. Any changes are then incorporated based on client’s inputs.
Skills Required

For success, interior designer needs following skills:
·         Creativity
·         Originality of concepts
·         Excellent drawing
·         Good communication and listening skills
·         Updated with trends of industry.
·         Networking skills

Types of Design Courses

Interior Design Institute in Delhi programs at undergraduate level. Masters programs are also available. Choose specializations carefully (furniture design/ landscape design/ office design etc.).

Courses are as follows:

·         B Sc. ( Interior Design)
·         Diploma ( Interior Design)
·         Design ( Interior and Furniture)
·         Masters in Interior Design.
Though such courses are best to venture into this field, you can also choose masters courses after graduating from fields like architecture, fine arts, design, environment planning, etc.
Scope for Jobs and Salary

There is a scarcity of professional interior designers in the country. With more and more individuals seeking to get their workspaces and residences designed as per their taste, the demand for professional interior designers has burgeoned.
There are plenty of employment opportunities. With experience, one can also set up one’s own business in this industry with lucrative prospects.
 The pay packet for an interior designer is impacted by reputation, name, regional differences, demand and experience.
Beginners can hope to get a salary around Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 per month. For experienced professionals, monthly pay check can range from Rs.30,000 to Rs.75,000.
After working for some time, especially as an intern or apprentice with big firms, one can set up one’s own business. After gaining reputation in this industry, one can ask for the moon.
These are all some important facts about the scope for interior designing.

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