Thursday, June 20, 2019

Get Multi-Level Marketing Software to start your Business

Get a custom made MLM software or script from us and kick start your business idea. HWInfotech provides you with custom-built software and script to assist you in creating your own MLM software. Our team of highly experienced designers and developers make sure that your MLM software helps you expand your business by engaging more customers and leveraging it to expand into a powerhouse.

An MLM software script allows you to get your own MLM software, which works, looks and operates according to your requirements. By taking the current generation of MLM software into account, you can create your own software inspired by the designs and operate of that software. The script would allow you to get fine tune the software according to your need. You can change the percentage fees, inventory, and even the cash inflow from just the software. Our software allows you to reap the benefits of a cash-based reward system, allowing you to fully maximize your work output by leveraging with more clients. Overall, our script and your idea can help you triple your business.

People often have a business idea but are never able to implement to due to lack of technical knowledge. However, we at HWInfotech bridge this gap by providing one solution to all our customer’s needs. Our custom created MLM software give you the complete freedom to fine-tune your product. You as the owner have the final say in what your application looks like. You can change the colour scheme, don’t size, and even the backend calculating formulas by using the platform that we provide to you. That product that we deliver is the culmination of the latest trends of digital marketing, while incorporating better tools and frameworks to help boost your business model.
Our MLM Software Script has a variety of features, which help you customize and run your application better. Some of its features are listed below-

  Accepts various digital payment gateways including PayPal- The software that we deliver will have the most secure payment gateway of your choice. We also support PayPal transaction gateways, so if you want your application to accept money through the PayPal wallet, you can easily do so in our software. Not only PayPal, various other payment gateways are included.

  You control the accounts- All the accounts created in the application can be viewed by you. As an Admin, you have all the freedom of who uses your app.

  Set you own rules- With our multi-level software, you can set your own commission rates and payment plans. If you want to make biweekly payments to your users, you set it through our platform.

  Added Security- All our software make sure that the data of the users and your business is always safe from malware and virus. Our platform allows you to make easy backups of the application that you are running.

  Smooth Apps- Our developers create applications that have a smooth work flow and work seamlessly across platforms. Our products are robust, and always deliver.  a

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