Saturday, June 8, 2019

Shipping services through E-commerce at Ezyslips

Are you looking for the best e-commerce shipping companies? Are you looking for a one-stop destination for all the problems that you might have faced during the shipping of your product done through e-commerce?  You want to get the answer of all the above-mentioned questions than you are at the right platform.

Ezyslips is one of the most trusted software for e-commerce shipping. It is serving in the same from a very long time. To trust a firm for services available, it is necessary to look at the history of that particular software. Ezyslips is trusted by most of the brands. Such as:

Cover story
 M & S
Fashion and you
 R for Rabbit

All these companies are in contact with Ezyslips from the start. The e-commerce shipping strategies that are adopted by Ezyslips are far different from the strategies opted by other companies. To get ensure about the same you can look at the under mentioned services that are available with Ezyslips. These are:

  GST invoice in bulk
  3PL integration
 Telly integration
  Ezy accounting
  Generate shipping label in bulk
  Automate customers alert
 Automate return
  Shipping automation
  Carrier integration
  Courier reconciliation

All these mentioned services are used as strategies by Ezyslips. These services make it one of the best e-commerceshipping companies. Moreover, when it comes to the price offered, there are so many. One can choose any from the below mentioned. Packs available are:

 Basic ( Rs. 599/month)
 Silver (Rs. 1199/month)
  Gold (Rs. 2399/month)
  Platinum (Rs. 4999/month)

From the above-mentioned packs, one can choose any according to the requirement. But if you have just started, then you must go for the basic pack. The highly recommended pack from all these is the silver one because of the services available along.

One of the e-commerce shipping strategies which let Ezyslips hit high is the process followed by them from ordering a product to ship it.

Once the order is placed all the information will be sent to the customer along with the tracking number. After placing the order, the day when it will get packed will also be reported to the customer. When packing is done the time and date at which the parcel is headed towards courier that will also be reported to the customer along with the details when the product will get delivered. This makes an easy task for the customer to get up to date with the processes that are about to follow before the product reaches its place.

Key features:

  Order can be placed from multiple platforms.
  Invoices can be generated in bulk.
 Ezyslips make accounting an easy task to handle.
  Shipping details from starting till the end will be available with the customer.
  The label that has been printed contains all the details of the product.
  The alerts will be available for the customer through SMS or e-mail.
 Specific product codes are available that manage all the services related to HSN and GST.
  Reports along with Tax details including SGST, IGST, and CGST are created on a monthly and weekly basis.

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