Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Standard Safety Features on Genesis G80

The Genesis G80 is known for incorporating the latest safety features. While many of the even high grade luxury cars of the same stature offer these safety features only as an option at an extra price, Genesis G80 offers them as a standard suite. The in-house suite of safety technologies used by Genesis is now given a name. They call it as Genesis Smart Sense. This is a set of safety oriented features that are installed in the Genesis models to help improve the level of confidence among the drivers while spreading the awareness that it is the peace of mind that makes every drive safe.

Smart Sense System

The experts serving at the Santa Rosa Genesis dealer explained with clarity what the Genesis Smart Sense System is all about. They demonstrated thecomposite features of the Smart Sense system that helped the Genesis G80 earn the highest possible scores in the industry for the safety standard it maintains in its cars.

Here are the details of those features.

Lane Keep Assist

With the help of a camera, the Genesis G80 can position itself in relation to the visible lane markings that are constantly being monitored by the surveillance cameras of the traffic police, and a small mistake can make you pay heavily on the traffic ticket.

The Lane Keep Assist system detects all the probabilities of the un-signaled departures drivers tend to take from its original lane of travel, and start applying light steering, to help the driver keep the lane and the car position.

Smart Cruise Control

This feature help set the speed of your car and the following distance through a forward-facing radar can speed up or slow down your Genesis G80 in response to the constantly changing flow of the traffic and can even come to a complete stop, restart itself, wherever it is required.

Blind Spot Detection

With the strategically placed radars around the G80, the Blind Spot Detection system catches the current situation around the car, where the eyes of the driver cannot reach even with the rear-view mirrors. It then provides the driver a set of visible warnings if anything is lying in the blind spot range, through an illuminated icon on the rearview mirror and helps the driver to give the necessary driving inputs.

Automatic Emergency Braking 

It is a life-saving system that leads the Smart Sense System of Genesis that can interpret data collected from the existing cameras and radar systems of the Genesis G80 and starts alerting the driver with the relevant information when it is necessary to slow down the vehicle or simply apply the brakes to stop it. It takes charge on behalf of the driver, in case the driver fails to respond in time and apply the brakes to either slow down the G80 or completely stop it, if there is a slightest of possibility of something coming in the way of the G80 and a probability of collision can arise.

To stay tuned about the latest safety features loaded in the Genesis G80, get in touch with the Santa Rosa Genesis dealership experts.

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